Monday, May 19, 2008

Check Me Out!

Just back from a great weekend vacation with my family, about which I will post over the next few days... There's one particular fashion experience, bordering on the surreal, that I can't wait to tell you about.

However, exciting news du jour is that Super Kawaii Mama has made me over high-style here. As mentioned, I won a contest a couple of weeks ago and here's but one example of how Ms. SKM would dress me up:

What I love about this - aside from the me-centricity and FANTASTIC pieces - is that SKM has really taken my shape and my needs into consideration. Any of the outfits she worked up is ideal to go from work to fun, from early morning to hot-as-hell afternoon. And the delicious eclecticism with which she's paired things echoes my own. I like to call it "crazy put together". Perhaps the French (or Australians) have another way of saying it.

Oh, and though I didn't mention this to her, anyone who actually knows me knows that I am pale as death and I NEVER leave the house without sunblock 30 and a huge-ass hat. So how ESP-stylist is she?

At any rate, I am so thrilled to have had the chance to see some new looks, just for me, I might not have considered. BTW, if you are short and curvy, they may be just the thing for you too...

For your viewing pleasure (and my own), I'm going to see how I can work some of these ideas into my wardrobe - mindful of budget, natch. Thanks again SKM. I'm so appreciative of your creativity.


  1. That's a really fun look, I like all the patterns going on.

  2. love the dress and the striped shoes.

  3. Missed you in North Carolina I see!!

  4. Wendy: Those shoes are awesome, non?

    Clothes Horse: I think it's very fun. I don't do enough black and white so I'm looking forward to adding it into the outfit combinations.

    Diva: That eclectic combination is what makes it such a great look.

    Riz: Are you in NC? Are you near Charlotte? I wish I'd known. I'd have loved to meet you!

  5. I love the striped wedges. They're not checkered, but they make me think of the upcoming Grand Prix (wish I had tix).

  6. She did a superb job capturing YOU.

  7. It must be so much fun to find out what someone else sees you in, she's made some brilliant choices!

  8. Style Raven: I totally see what you mean!

    Enc: Thank you. SKM really put so much effort and care into her post. I feel like I could happily walk out in any of the looks and feel great - and "updated".

    Miss White: It is great. I feel so special and it's given me great new ideas to work from. K