Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Did You Know...

...that Neiman Marcus - those irritating folks who brought you online shopping as first year biochem - only takes American Express and the Neiman Marcus charge card?!? Oh, or cash if you prefer. Cuz I always like to buy my Prada dresses with bills.

There are so many reasons why I loathe that place.

Unfortunately, the stuff they sell is gorgeous.


  1. I knew it. I've always felt this policy was a mistake.

  2. They used to take the BG card too, since they own that store . ..

    I once had a NM card but cancelled it after this episode:

    I ordered something that looked awful on. At the time, NM would arrange with Fed Ex to pick up your package as a courtesy and return it to the store. Two billing cycles, passed, no credit to my account. When I called NM, they said they had never received the package in return. I asked them to track it via Fed Ex. They didn't and I received monthly calls as to why I wasn't paying for the clothes (thta had been returned).

    This went back and forth for a YEAR until I finally called the Better Business Bureau in Dallas/Fort Worth. Within a day the package was tracked and my account credited.

    Here's the clincher: The lovely NM representative who called me afterwards said (and I quote): "You really didn't need to call the BBB." And I told her exactly why I did indeed have to do exactly that.

    I'll neved shop at NM again.

  3. Umm--but maybe I should proofread my rapid comments better . . .

  4. They do that just to trap you into getting one of their cards. I have a NM card and I spend on it every third year just for the sake of being annoying, because I felt like they fully trapped me into getting it. And I hate that feeling. Oh and Miss Cavendish, I had an experience like that, similar with Camper shoes. But mine tops yours like rock beats scissors :) One of Campers employees at the store in Madrid stole my credit cards info. . . but the company wouldn't fess up to it or even investigate the situation. The card was brand new and that was the only purchase I made on it, I didn't take it out of my wallet during my entire trip (Spain, France, Italy) except to buy those shoes. They rang up a bill of $4000 (all in Spain. . . cell phones, plane tickets, electronics), at my expense and after ignoring my letter(s) for about a year, Camper finally sent me a coupon for 30% off. How kind of them being that I'll never shop there ever again! If you choose to, I highly recommend you all pay in cash.

  5. Wendy - Is it not a scandal?

    Enc: I knew you'd know this! They gave some interesting, totally untruthful seeming reason for this I may exploit in a future blog post - it has to do with privacy. But it's a bullshit excuse.

    Miss C: This story is outrageous - almost as outrageous as Etoilee's below. Good for you for turning indignation into justice. (That's my personal specialty!)

    E: How did the credit card company handle this? You weren't on the hook for the charges racked up on the stolen card, right???

  6. Oh, yeah. . . my bank (it was a bank card actually), was super cool and I didn't have to pay for any of it. It was a hassle though, because I was living in London at the moment and that was a lot of long distance phone calls. What annoys me most is Camper's incredulous attitude, even when I sent them bank statements, circling my only purchases (which were made in their store) and the crazy purchases made afterwards. That employee probably got away with it! Grrrrr!