Friday, May 30, 2008

(Re)Construction Zone

If I were one of those raw, hardcore journalists, I would have shown you a photo of the "original" backyard. However, that would have burned a hideous image onto your (presumably) delicate brains - Lord knows, it did in mine - and I couldn't be responsible for something so mean. Oh and also, the need to protect my image trumps honesty. Honestly.

Let's just say my mother was traumatized by the "before".

Y'all get to see the "in between":

Afters to come as soon as I have a moment to take the shots.

(And one more thing, the "after" is just the "after for this summer". You'll note that a third of the space is untouched - waiting for patio hardscaping and a panel of lilac trees next year. A gal has only so much debt tolerance per season...)


  1. It looks like things are coming along beautifully!

  2. Looks great!! Enjoy your deck . . .

  3. What a great environment for backyard fun. I don't have a backyard. I'm jealous!

    I can't wait to see the rest.

  4. despotism is my main asset but my 'skill set' also encompasses 'drum roll please...sitting back drinking beer at a BBQ'. I notice you've installed one on the back my invitation in the mail?

  5. Thanks Miss W and Miss C: Hope you like the "after" shots. I should have called myself Miss K.

    Enc: The San Diego zoo is your backyard!! And the beauty of the ocean in one direction and the mountains in the other. But thanks for a bit of jealousy. You know how competitive I am with home projects :-) You always have a garden in TO...

    IM: I cannot believe you haven't got it yet. That wretched postal system, seriously. And, given your special talent - from which we could all take pointers - you must drop in asap. I've heard no one understands a BBQ quite like an Australian. Just don't wear your stilletos :-)