Thursday, May 8, 2008

Que Sera Sera

Well, the lesson of today's H&M moment (brought to you by the Indecisive Purchasers Association, Southern Ontario Chapter) is that you've got to strike while the iron is hot. (Ed. Note: If we'd paid them a bit more, perhaps our agency might have come up with a slightly more au courant way articulating the key message, what with the 18th century blacksmithing lingo being a bit old school.)

But I digress to evade the point, that being that the dress was no longer available in my size. There were, in fact, (TO readers pls. take note) 2 remaining on the hook. One was a size 4 and the other a size 6. While I wear a full ranges of sizes from a 4 to a 10 - depending on the cut, the day, water retention, effectiveness of foundation garments, the whim of the goddess - this dress was cut small - and not as stretchy as you might imagine given that it's jersey. The arm pits were very high, turns out, which is why the 8 was perfect but the 6 just slightly too snug.

I like to think that my dithering, in its own way, has united fashionistas the world over. And it didn't cost me any $$$.

PS: Somehow I managed to find 4 other dresses I didn't dare try on:

  • A sleeveless, drop waist, knit dress in a strange metallic hue that seems vaguely grey (colour not optimal)
  • An adorable sleeveless (thick spaghetti strap) lemon yellow cotton dress. Fitted bodice, full skirt. Very wearable on many bodytypes. It also came in tomato red.
  • Jersey cotton dress - maybe too thin - think T shirt - in an adorable retro shape (built-in bow at the waist), excellent collared ovalneck. The weak link, so I tell myself, is that the colour was a bit wan. Which is not good in yellow.
  • Marimekko sleeveless dress with 1-inch straps. Also fitted bodice, full skirt. Great pattern - the redder one, not the browner one - structured fabric, flattering to the midsection.

A lot of bloggers have been down on H&M lately (lord knows, for years I did not get this place at all) but today I could have bought 12 things there, easy.

Alas, I'm taking a page from Enc's book and I'm walking away. That's for y'all who think I have a shopping problem. And for the wallet.


  1. I always thought that if I wasn't sure about a purchase it was better to leave it, if I obsessed about it afterwards I knew I really wanted it. Clothes don't stay on the shelves long enough for that these days! Well done for resisting the other temptations.

  2. I don't think you have a shopping problem. I think you know yourself and made some great non-choices. Is that even a valid expression? I deem it so for our porpoises. Purposes.

    I'm interested in looking at these dresses, but the nearest H&M is 55 miles away, so I'm off the hook.

    Dithering never pays.

  3. Hmmm...the dress obviously was not meant to be...and I'm sure that something even better will come up...and they WILL have your size. Sadly we don't have H&M in SA, but I'm thinking that this is possibly a good thing - less temptation to spend:)

  4. Ah well, the Fashion God's have spoken then. On a brighter note, you have WON my personal shopping competition! Perhaps there is even more temptation in store. More details on my blog.
    XXX Super Kawaii Mama XXX

  5. Imelda think that 'Mama' might have some tempting treats for 'K', so I'm not so 'black dog' about this missed opportunity.

  6. Miss White: Thank you for your vote of support.

    Enc: I appreciate your perspective. Given that impulse control is not my strongest attribute, I do spend a lot of time considering the shopping "habit". While waiting on the checkout line. :-)

    Bronwyn: The less disposable shopping opps, the better!

    SKM: I never win anything! (I'm more of a purchaser.) I'll check out your blog.

    Matt: Your optimism is heartwarming. Merci!

  7. Hello sexy mama! You have been tagged by me. go to my blog for full details. xoxo

  8. Oooh, Cordelia - this tag is fun. Will work on it over the weekend! Tks. K