Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tired in Toronto

I'm so numb with tiredness right now. From a day-long conference (wherein I was supposed to determine some kind of intelligent, strategic perspective that will assist a program area in moving forward) to a doctor's appt. (for the foot) to a recital for my daughter to a dinner out with said daughter and her friend (whose single father asked for some tactical support this evening - they're upstairs singing / screaming as I write this) to the work going on in my garden. Man, I'm knackered. And tomorrow, it's a super early day for a super early meeting before which I need to fix (nay, veritably rewrite) a time-sensitive document and think about how to cohesively present myself and my ideas.

So, in lieu of comprehensive - much less exciting - text, here's a photo of some of the tags that came with the great things we got at Apt. 909 on the weekend:

A few weeks ago, Dreamecho wrote about a great vintage store in the Boston area that tags its items in a similar way.

Now if one of these could simply explicate modern living...


  1. I love the way those look.

    I hope tomorrow goes well. What was the verdict on your foot? Treatment?


  2. I'm knackered after reading this...good luck with tomorrow - which could be today insert *puzzled look*

  3. Enc: Aren't they fun and "artistic". Verdict still pending. I'm going to have an xray. Thanks for your concern. I'll keep you posted.

    IM: The time change cannot drive a wedge between us. (I think Janis Ian wrote a song to this effect.)

    Thanks Bear. I'll be back in action soon...

  4. All Janis roads lead to 'At Seventeen' and if they don't take a detour. "the friday night charades of youth...lacking in social graces...inventing lovers on the phone (my personal fav)"..yes I I'm listening as I tape away. LOL

  5. IM: I'm partial to "repenting other lives unknown".

    You know, one time I saw her on this cheesy American TV show and she was so unbelievably high on herself. I mean, totally "has been" and not looking her best, let's just say, and she was all on about how she changed the canon. I agree that album is genius (no matter what anyone says) but plz, a bit of modesty in the face of time marching on...