Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Hunting...

Miss C suggested I mention few brands or places to find the aforementioned white T. In no particular order, here are some places I've found really good options / brands I like:
  • Danskin (These contain lycra, which improves the shape but makes them less slim.)

  • Club Monaco (Some batches are great - but not the cheapest...)

  • La Senza (Strangely, when this place is on it's super on - and cheap!)

  • H&M is my new fave...

  • Never bought at Zara but a friend of mine swears by the Ts.

  • James Pearse, when purchased on mega sale, can be a great score. (Note: When not on sale they are just too pricey, IMO. You should also know they're very thin so you gotta be on the buff side.)

  • Jacob, only in CA, is a great option.

  • American Apparel (I have my issues with this place and it's too expensive given the workmanship, but if you're looking for a layering T or a "slutty" see-through look, it's spot on.)

  • Lululemon (Also too pricey for a T - unless you work out in it also / get it on sale - but these garments very durable and structured and they veer from "regular" shapes. They won't moisturize your skin though :-))

  • Ideal is a brand I like but I've only seen it in TO.

  • Rebecca Beeson does a black crewneck I LOVE (though the colour fades) and which I would totally buy in white if I could find it. Note: I've only ever purchased this brand at Lohmann's in FLA or NY, where it was super discounted. I did a bit of surfing and it looks like regular price is steep.

If any of you have any other ideas, please do let us know. (You might want to briefly describe what kind of body shape you think the T would fit most optimally.)


  1. I love James Perse and Rebecca Beeson. Three Dots also does really great tees. And C&C California's are super-soft. And some of my favorite cheap tees are from Old Navy.

  2. My white tee is from zara and is by far the best I've ever owned. and a mere £4 ($8?) it's tricky to stock up though they always seem low in the right type/size :/ plus they're out of town here which sucks. But the tee is excellent, soft, just the right length and cut for me, I adore it.

  3. How perfect: I've decided that when the ban is over I will be replacing my white t-shirts. Now I know where to shop.

  4. My husband has a James Perse shirt (that I bought him, natch), so maybe I'll try it out for me too . . . Thanks for the recs!

  5. I have some v-neck t-shirts by Gap and I'm quite satisfied with them, they are still lasting and don't loose their fit.

  6. Out of all those we only have H&M and Zara here, I feel deprived :(

  7. IHeart: I've never thought of Old Navy, even though it's under my nose. Thanks for the suggestions.

    Liberty: So you too, are a Zara T convert! They are extremely well priced, which is likely why they're so hard for you to get:-) Always the way...

    Enc: When that ban is over, I wanna go shopping with you! I have a feeling it's going to be quite a haul - in the best possible way...

    Thanks for the post suggestion, Miss C.

    F: I buy Ts for my husband at the Gap quite often. They are his favourite brand, for sure.

    Miss White: That's crazy! You must come here to shop. Fortunately, given the strength of the pound, it will be like buying Ts for free :-)