Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sometimes There's Just So Much Exciting Stuff In My Head that I Feel Like It Might Explode...

Unsurprisingly, given the title of this post, today happens to be one of those days.

I'm not even going to try to get it all out right now. It's going to take some careful consideration over a few different posts. So sorry for the tease, Dreamecho, but maybe these few details will suffice:
  • My husband bought me a cell phone for my birthday (which is coming up soon). It's some kind of fancy Sony Ericsson that is so complex I still haven't figured out how to pick up my messages or answer the fucker before the voicemail kicks in. However, I have discovered how to take pictures with it - and how to get those pictures from the phone onto the blog. I'm feeling so FaceHunter right now!

  • Then, last night, en famille, we had the kind of shopping fantasticness that rarely happens - much less in the humdrum milieu of one's own town. Seriously, it was a vacation-style stealth mission to one store - Apartment 909, perhaps the best vintage place EVER!, discovered in the most fun way at 8:00 p.m. still open! More special deets about the gorgeousness of this place to come. Let's just say we all ended up with some dream finds. And you know you are hardcore when you buy the art off the walls and walk it home...

  • Meet Exhibit A, taken of the new art, with the new cell:
  • Then meet Exhibit B, my daughter in one of her amazing new vintage dresses:

What you can't see here is that the dress has a high ruffled collar and the ruffles continue down the left side of this adorable drop waisted, blue and brown plaid piece.


  1. Exhibit B is adorable.

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I can't believe K-Line has gone mobile (cell), you have arrived (that is until your bills arrives). btw - we have the same taste in art.

  3. I was at H&M Eaton Centre on Saturday and saw that hot pink ruffle dress you were looking for in size 8. Several size 8s in fact. Not sure if you're still looking for it, but I thought I'd let you know.

  4. Thanks Sister Wolf. I am biased, of course...

    IM: I went mobile precisely because of your shock and outrage. Kid you not. I love that we have the same taste in art. Do you know who that litho is by? I'm sure I've seen it before but I'm no art student.

    Yulanda: Just went back in there the today and saw a bunch of 8s. Weirdly, the urge was gone. I guess because I spent all my money on Sat. eve... But thanks for letting me know!

  5. Fantastic art, what a find, and your daughters dress is adorable!

    I hope your head hasn't actually exploded, that is rather a lot of excitement!!

  6. Great fun. I love dressing up my daughters in funky ways too. But seriously, how do you keep your dining room so tidy?

  7. Thanks Miss W. Head appears to be holding steady :-)

    Miss C: No doubt you know the way to my heart by asking that question. Simply, I freak every time someone messes it up. It makes for such an enjoyable time for all concerned :-) And, also, I abhor clutter. So I'm not much of a tchotchke person, which tends to keep things that much "airier". And let's not forget - I have but one 8 year old to nag. Which is like baby stuff in comparison with parenting 3, I'm sure.

  8. Wow, I LOVELOVELOVE that dress, and I LOVELOVELOVE that art.

    I've had a Blackberry Pearl for more than a year, and I still can't figure out how to change the notification for texts. I'm getting rid of that boat anchor as soon as possible. I hate it.

    Your phone sounds great!

  9. How cool is your daughter in that fantastic dress! I wish I'd had the foresight to dress in vintage at that age!

    And lovely artwork.

  10. Your daughter looks adorable!
    Great dress, and she wears it well!

  11. Enc: THANKS, THANKS, THANKS. Isn't that picture a find? It's scary when the only thing you know how to use on your phone is the camera :-)

    Thanks so much Ambika. Wait till I show you the pictures of the other adorable things I got her. You know, she picked out a lot of the stuff herself and they were a bit blown away at the store by her sense of style. She took a 70s copper paillete tube top and wore it as a miniskirt to great effect. If it hadn't been slightly loose and expensive, I totally would have got it for her.

    Thanks IHeart. I never realized how much fun I could have vintage shopping with my kid. Or my often shopping-phobic husband...

  12. LOL...a quick flick my art books wasn't helpful so I'll keep digging!

  13. I'll be interested to see if you find something, IM. K