Monday, June 2, 2008

Here's Something I've Never Done Before...

A couple of weeks ago I saw these vintage shoes on the Headquarters Galerie + Boutique blog:

They were instantaneously appealing in their kitteny / cutout goodness. So I emailed to learn about their size - imagining they'd be too small. Um, hello, they were an 8.5 (just right on paper!) and they were $20.00. So I called them, bought them over the phone and I'll pick them up in July when I visit Mtl!

Kind of crazy I realize. Like I need another pair of shoes. Like I, a person who's only ever bought bags online (for others, I might add), should buy something as finicky as shoes, all but sight unseen.

Call it research. Having read Susie's post about the fantasticness of Angie's handmade dress (she's co-owner of this Mtl. boutique), I was all the more motivated to give this grand experiment a go. Can't wait to show you what they look like on my feet...


  1. wow sweet !! it reminded me of some new dior hommes shoes !!
    chic :)

  2. The shoes are really chic! A nice pair of cutouts are hard to find these days! These pair look super classy! A great choice!

  3. layered tights with colour (expect it's now your SUMMER) and I skipped the last post because SATC isn't screened in OZ until Thursday :(

  4. Thanks Mr. Style - I love Dior! Love your pic...

    Times of Glory: Haven't seen your blog before but I'm definitely going to check it out (along with Mr. Style's!) Thanks for your comment.

    IM - You are so right about wearing those with layered tights (maroon comes to mind). And, it seems summer may never actually arrive - so you could see them with those over-the-knee things sooner rather than later. Go see SATC. You will love the shoes!

  5. Oh I've heard of that boutique, yes they have very nice items. I really like the cut outs!

  6. July?! But that's at least 30 days away! Perhaps absence will make the heart grow fonder? . . . ;)

  7. They look great! but I can't assume vintage shoes yet, I have always been told is not good for your feet health. Ok, 10-cm-heels are not good either!

    Thanks a lot for the advice on my graduation dress, at the end I had to pick the first one because the thin belt couldn't hold up the scarf as a belt. Anyway, I just want to say that I appreciated a lot your advice, thanks;)!

  8. I love the color a lot! Those are lovely, practically a classic! Completely wearable.
    And thanks for your comment. I agree completely. I did tell them, and it all worked out well. Such a load off my back!!! Thanks for the advice :)

  9. I think they sounds great, and I can't wait to see how you wear them. Are you already cooking up ideas?

  10. those shoes will look so great with non-footless tights for that lil peek of colour!! :-) Lucky u!

  11. Jill: I can't wait to see them in real life.

    Miss C: It's more like 45. And I am SO instant gratification. This whole situation is going to be a challenge, I imagine.

    Atelier: I hear you about how it's not "orthotically correct" to wear other people's shoes. But I tend to think it depends on how, exactly, those pre-worn shoes fit your foot. And, if the shoe's barely worn, well that's another thing to consider... I'm experiment a little and I'll let you know how it goes. Glad to hear your graduation went well. I'm sure you looked gorgeous!

    Tavi: I'm so glad you talked to them. And I bet they loved what they saw. Good stuff.

    Enc: How well you know me. Ideas are fooling around in my (somewhat overworked) brain.

    Curella: I see them with all kinds of fun socks and stockings. Here's (really) hoping they fit!