Thursday, June 5, 2008

Maybe If I Dress Like This...

Someone will take me out for a special birthday dinner...


  1. today is your birthday? If yes, happy birthday to you! I wish you all the best!*hugging*
    If not: you're looking great and your husband should go out with your for a special dinner :)

  2. Happy birthday, I hope you have a fabulous time!

  3. Someone would be crazy not to! Happy bday!

  4. Is your birthday coming up (or today)? Mine's in a few days. Shoulda known we were Gemini sistas . . .

  5. Happy Birthday!!! Not only would I take you out I'd demand that you and those fierce pins join me for a spin around the dance floor! btw - where have you been hiding them?

  6. I should hope so, if not find someone who will! ;) Happy Birthday?!

  7. happy belated birthday!! :-) did it happen in the end? I hope he bought u something sparkly to go with the dress!! x

  8. OH NO!!!!!!

    I missed your birthday because I was behind!

    Happy Birthday!


  9. F: It was my birthday - another year wiser... Thanks for your lovely comment!

    Thanks Solemn Cat. As it happens, it wasn't the best birthday ever - really bad day at work (it's been a couple of crazy weeks there) and TERRIBLE weather for which I was totally underdressed. So I decided to celebrate on Friday instead :-)

    Thanks Wendy!

    Miss C: I'll be wishing you a happy bday on Tues...

    IM: Dancing it is! I've been hiding them under snow pants! That's what happens when you start a blog in January and you live in Canada :-)

    Miss White: He was all set to take me out but I was in such a horrendous mood from my terrible day / week at work, I deferred till last night.

    Cordelia: He bought me the cell phone that I can't figure out how to use (except for the camera feature). Oh, and I can pick it up if it rings :-) I still really like it...

    Hey Enc: Worry not, I've decided to make June my birthday month :-)