Sunday, June 15, 2008

On the Hunt

Thanks to fashionambition for introducing me to Susannah Hunter's insanely beautiful handiwork. If you happen to have £770 burning a hole in your pocket, pls. go purchase this bag and post about it to make me sick with jealousy...

Susannah Hunter Shopper, handmade leather bag, silver fittings, velvet lining, inside pocket


  1. Add me to the "sick with jealousy" list on this one. That bag is superb.

  2. I know i have money to burn so it's not beyond my reach but I'd want gold lining to match my silver fittings!

  3. I bought two Susannah Hunter bags over a year ago and found that they are absolutely gorgeous from a distance.

    The first was at full price from Saks (when they carried the line) and I was disappointed. The leather had that crunchy distressed feel; the lining was green velvet and seemed more homespun than handmade special. I sent it back.

    When the bags went on sale at half price I bought another, thinking I couldn't go wrong at that price. I sent it back too!

    I might consider one of the small change purses, which still have the beautiful leather applique, but I prefer to admire these bags from afar . . . (I do visit the website for color/design inpiration from time to time.)

  4. The design of the first bag makes me think of old Enid Collins (minus the beadwork, of course.)

  5. Great totes. I like the irises. I'm linking you.

  6. Enc: I think it's perfection -but read on for Miss C's take on the brand...

    IM: You're just going to have to get a retrofit, I guess :-)

    WendyB: I think so too.

    Ambika: I'm embarrassed to say I don't know about Enid Collins but I'm going to do my research.

    Clothes Horse: Glad you like them. The style is whimsical, like yours! Thanks for the link. K

  7. Those are great bags. Do you think it'll be able to fit a laptop? I've been looking for a laptop bag to use...

  8. Hi Lianne: I don't think I've seen you comment before. At any rate, nice to know you are reading. Not sure if she makes laptop bags, specifically, but be sure to read Miss C's comment. She owned one of these bags and really didn't feel they were sturdy... K