Monday, June 2, 2008

It's "OMG, I Love these Shoes" Theme Week

Ed. Note: How strange and fitting that I wrote this week of posts about a pair of new YSL shoes that blow my mind. M. St. Laurent: Thanks for your gorgeous canon of work! Rest easy in that Rive Gauche in the sky...


Welcome to K does the same pair of shoes in 83 (or so) gratuitous poses. (But thankfully - or painfully, depending on how much you like this idea - it'll all be spread out over the course of the week.)

First, meet our star, the shoes:

In case you're not looking at the goldy, special inside: they are YSL. Vintage. Taupe suede - including the heel. Which is 3 inches and stacked. But like no other stacked heel I've ever seen. I got them at Apt. 909. They cost $80.00. Yes, I know, a fortune for someone else's antique footwear, but they are scarcely worn and they're YSL, man.

Then meet the shoes on the feet attached to the girl:

Do they not scream, "I'm sorry, I'd love to chat more but the car's out front and I do need to get to the opening before insert name of preferred NY philanthropist socialite here starts serving dinner. My boyfriend (subtext: filthy rich, adventuresome, well-dressed and even more well-endowed) will been so worried about me by now."?

Don't you want to see them paired with everything from shorts to tight skirts to short skirts to latex leggings and lady shifts? Good. It's settled then. Meet me back here tomorrow for the next installment.

Love, Tastefully Shod in Toronto* xo

(*Doesn't that sound kinda dirty?)


  1. I think that a heel absolutely makes a shoe. This is definitely a gorgeous heel!

  2. Those are fantastic!
    Beautiful find.

  3. Thanks Miss C. I have a feeling you are going to love this theme week cuz it's all about edgy and prim getting together and having lunch! Speaking of which, how did your school luncheon go?

    Thanks IHeart! I feel so fortunate to have stumbled on them.

  4. It's all very titillating. I'll be back.

  5. These are fabulous but your timing is slightly spooky!

  6. Merci, Enc.

    Wait till you see the outrageous outfits I pair with these, insanely resilient shoes, IM.

    Miss White: I swear, I preposted all of this week's shoe posts the day before I hear about YSL's death. It is very strange.

  7. love the way u wrote this post and the heel is really unique.

  8. Thanks Cordelia - By the time we get to the end of this week, you will have seen that heel 8 different ways! K