Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bumping Lovelies

You know how, when you meet someone you're destined to um, (how to be demure in case the parents are reading), spend the night with on a whim? You never can say if the chemistry will translate from, for example, dinner table to wherever you decide to take it. But there's that tingling, anticipatory timeframe, when all is possible (mindblowing orgasms, living together in Paris, marriage, children - not that the last item is particularly sexy, in truth)...

Luckily, as I've been monogamous for lo these many years, this encounter has a shopping analogue. And I have experienced it, most recently (and quite profoundly, I'm happy to tell) with B - my great friend. We are so joyful together in shopping, it's ridiculous.

By way of history, we met when our children were very young (my one and her six!) and B was instrumental in guiding me through early parenting with a gentle, mellow perspective no one would accuse me of exhibiting naturally. I am not an earthy nurturer. Motherhood - as I came to it - filled me with a kind of anxiety I wouldn't wish on anyone. Of course, there is a complex story that goes along with this pronouncement, but I will spare you the details.) However, in watching B - as she more-or-less calmly directed children of all ages - I began the slow process of finding my own way. The painfully slow process. Of course, time is a great teacher too.

Which is how I managed to have that sleepover birthday party in April without the assistance of street drugs. Really.

But enough of the serious stuff - here's one more outfit to show off:

(PS - I got this skirt at the vintage shop across the street from Refinery. Uncharacteristically, I cannot remember its name, but I will find out and let y'all know. It's the same late-60s polyester-plus as the plaid one I got a couple of weeks ago at Apt. 909! And, it too, is lined with shorts.)


  1. I want that skirt!! (Great headline, by the way.)

  2. I definitely believe that motherhood does not come naturally: I love to be with infants; other ages can be a different story.

    On another note, you've made some good calls on the vintage front. Bravo!

  3. It comes with shorts! Ah, how I envy you. I'm more than a little apprehensive about motherhood, so many things can go wrong! BUT I have more than enough time to get my paranoia out of my system. (Hopefully)

  4. HOT!

    I wish I had a friend I could shop with. I always make mistakes and impulse buys when I shop with others. So I must Shop.Alone.

    I'm happy for you that you have B. :) It's great that she's such a wonderful resource for shopping and mothering. Lucky you!

  5. Oh I miss my shopping buddy /BF. She now lives in Texas, so I have to go a little further for my shopping nirvana. She's also my child guru as, although childless, she is a highly skilled Nanny by trade. As for the children thing, I can empathize with that. I think I spent the first 12 weeks with child one just going 'WTF??' Now I only say it once a day.

  6. Honey, honey, honey! Imelda left her chitlen to the maid and if maid was unavailable I'd leave the chitlen in the car at the casino...that came natural!

    Fashion matters - lined with shorts...HEAVEN! I'll say no more!

  7. TDLC: Thanks! (I was out on one of my limbs...)

    Miss C: Interesting that you love the infant stage (and dangerous!). I was so freaked out for the first couple of years. My daughter's fragile tinyness - and her inability to communicate was so anxiety provoking in me. Not to mention never being able to think without someone whining in the background... And one day I'll tell you about the first couple of weeks (which were enough to throw me off my game for a good long time.)

    Jill: Every woman has her own experience. You just wait till you're ready and you'll be great!

    Thank you, IHeart and Wendy.

    Enc: I want to go shopping with you the day SINCBM comes to a close. I have a feeling that will be some serious fun!!

    SKM: I love mom honesty as much as I'm driven to competitive distraction by the gorgeous homes of others!

    IM: Why are you not writing movies or screenplays for sitcoms. You are hilarious. And dark!

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