Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Y'all Heard?

In March, Zink launched a Canadian version of its US mag, publishing quarterly. The second issue is out now. I realize I'm late to this party but it's one of those substantial, beautiful looking publications that goes so well with cappuccino.

Has anyone read it? Or its American counterpart?

Oh, and do you ever wonder why you drink so much luscious, foamy, 4 dollar coffee in a hideous rush? Something tells me the Italians aren't doing that...

If you happen to be Italian, pls. advise. (Oh, and aren't you lucky?)


  1. You are so funny! Honestly, one would think starbucks would lower their prices by a buck. But no, Americans still shell out for it...

  2. I buy the US one on occassion. I believe Z!nk Canada uses some of the editorials for the US version. However, the Canadian version is loaded with photos, probably because it only comes out four times a year. I picked up issue two today. Truthfully, I've never really read any of the articles in either versions. I just look at the pictures. :X

  3. that should read "from the US version", not for.

  4. A cup of coffee or a gallon of gas? What a dilemma.

  5. You sound very funny! I guess it happens in London all the time, and that's why all the cafes have crazy coffee prices here!

  6. I gulp my coffee. It's a bad habit.

    I've never seen Z!nk, but will look out for it.

  7. Riz: That's the beauty of our addiction :-)

    Y: I know, the pics are much more compelling than the text. And it's nice and thick!

    Miss C: I laughed when I read this in a "cuz it's true" kind of way. I am so thankful right now that I don't own a car.

    TOG: I hear that a coffee in London is, like 8 bucks, which is too rich - even for my addiction!

    Enc: Me too. And I like it boiling hot (weird compulsion). People call me asbestos mouth. Seriously...