Thursday, June 26, 2008

And You Thought My Pallor Was An Accident...

Sweater: Urban Planet ($12.50), Dress: Vintage Snakeskin Denim ($20.00), Hat: Lilliput ($70.00), Shoes: Those ubiquitous 9Wests I wear in every post!

Just wait till I post that tome on sunblock and the modern gal... (Seriously, it's coming.)


  1. Dear, you look great! It gives lots of depth in this outfit! The colour looks very cool... I love the vintage snakeskin print! And the way you layered the sweaters is superb! You look casually chic, chic and chic!

  2. I love your glorious porcelain skin. It's milky white and beautiful.

  3. TOG: Why thank you!

    IndianRose: Haven't seen you on the blog before, have I? Thanks for your comment.

    Enc: Glorious porcelain is code for hella pale :-) Wait till I start the SKII, I'll be like a newborn baby!! And thanks again for the tag...

  4. This is such a great look :). I totally adore your hat!

  5. Thanks Nadine - we pale girls have some great tricks up our sleeves, non? K