Saturday, June 21, 2008

Drunk in the Sun - I mean "on the Sun"

Here are a few pics of a fine afternoon...

Why I couldn't have taken these photos in the landscaped part of the garden is beyond me... Tipsy stupors are so lacking in foresight.

I like to call this little composition "K Contemplates Walking in a Straight Line":

(Pls. note that the outfit is boxier looking in the photos than it was in real life.)

You know how unpredictable flagstone is...

Cropped Sweater - Urban Planet (Have you ever even heard of this place? The thing cost 12.50!), Skirt - AA, Bodysuit - H&M, Sandals - 9West

So happy the sun was shining!


  1. Haha, I like how you're stripping in the photos. The knee socks and cardigan are gone in the last photo!

  2. Look out for those mean flagstones! Sons of bitches!

  3. You look blissed out, good for you. I wonder where they mine those lively flagstones?

  4. a boozy strip that's HOT! Damn! where was Imelda's invitation? We could spiced things up with some 'girls on film' action.

  5. Brilliant! You look very good for being tipsy. The uneven pathways around my school really wreak havoc even with the most sober of people...
    And thanks for your compliment! I think it's partly having more time outside of classes, getting more comfortable with myself and just hitting my stride style wise...

  6. I think you're doing just fine, Miss.

  7. Y: I know - At the time I didn't realize it, but it really tells a story...

    WendyB - You know it!

    SKM: I don't know about the flagstone. We live on the Canadian Shield. Maybe they're from up north?

    IM: You know you have a standing invitation. You and SKM have to hop on a plane! (The only rule: It's a clothes-free environment after 10 pm :-) You can keep your heels on though...)

    Thanks Clothes Horse: And thanks for telling me about Wardrobe Remix. I joined and (I think) uploaded a picture but I don't know if it took...

    Enc: You always know just what to say!

  8. I won't be caught any other way!

  9. Hello Dear, thanks a lot for your message and adding me into your blogroll! I've added you in as well :)

    The photos are gorgeous! They are fresh and sweet! It is such a cute combination to put your beautiful blue jumper over the dress to give some layers and your grey socks looks casually chic and stylish xxxxxxxxx

  10. your first photo: so wish i could have done that today.

  11. IM: LOL

    TOG: Thanks to you! Can't wait to see what you post next.

    Terren: What a great mooment in time. I wish I were doing that right now :-)