Monday, June 23, 2008

Not My Kind Of Trip...

I've been having horrendous summer allergies for the last couple of weeks - the kind that make you want to gouge your eyes out with a screwdriver. I haven't been able to hear properly from the plugged ears. I haven't been able to taste well (the horror). My skin is unhappy. Sleeping has been a challenge.

So, yesterday, I broke down and took an antihistamine. Big deal, you say. Well, it was a big deal because they really don't seem to agree with me and I ended up, seriously, having an hallucinogenic stone in my bed for the majority of the afternoon.

Now, I realize, for some of you that might be just the ticket on a cloudy Sunday afternoon. But I hate hallucinating! I mean, I'm the kind of girl who likes to actually feel she's inhabiting her body. Like, all the time.

Part of the impetus for taking the antihistamine was to regain enough skin normalcy to try out some fantastic SKII prods that the incomparable Enc both wrote about and mailed samples of to me earlier this week. In a fancy package. Including classy lady monogrammed stationery. And a dark chocolate square. If this is blog etiquette I say, bring it on!

When you read Enc's post, you'll note that there's a whole special way of using the line but, if you follow the rules (and spend a good portion of your disposable income hereon in), you will be a veritable Dorian Gray (minus the scary moralizing)! I'm so on board. But I have to get over the allergy moment first, or I run the risk of conflating an allergic hayfever reaction with a beauty product one. Which would entirely defeat the purpose. Please stay , though, for details of my experience coming up in the future.

And while we're on the topic of experimental beauty, here's an update on my ass :-) Let's just say I wouldn't go into debt buying this product on the basis of its results to date. Admittedly, I'm supposed to use up the whole bottle and that takes at least 2 weeks and blahdeblahdeblah. So I'm reserving judgement. But the best thing I can say about it at this point is that it makes everything slightly firmer. Break out the quarters!


  1. Poor you! I suffer from the same but I dose up on tablets and eye drops and thankfully they do the trick.

  2. I'd call that a hang over! But hey if it's allergies you wanna play, I can work with that!

    And the pictures of your magical, quarter bouncing derriere are????

  3. I'm so very sorry about your hallucination-incarceration. How horrible. That happened to me when I took cough syrup once. It was awful.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Thanks for the big plug, girl!


  4. Have you tried taking a lower dose, like half a tablet? It won't be as effective with the allergies, but the side effects might be lessened as well.

  5. Eye drops just weren't doing it, Miss W. Though, after I took the pill I wish I'd lived with the scratching misery...

    IM: You have no pity! And my bum has failed the test - so far...

    Enc: Thanks for commiserating! I feel fine now. Allergic again. But not like I'm on acid :-)

    Y: Next time (if I'm desperate) I'm going to take a child's version. Apparently, they have a much lower dose of the stuff that tends to make you disassociate. Thanks for the tip...