Friday, June 20, 2008

Random Stuff

So, this morning, I'm checking out my (ever tauter) derriere in my teeny new two-piece - it's research, ok? - and my kid says to me (in reference to this pic she quietly observed when I was blogging the other day): "You know, no offence, but you do look quite a bit, um, better with a tan." Sad, but true, that this is undoubtedly the only time I will ever be confused with Halle Berry in my entire life.

How, you might ask, as an insanely overscheduled, modern working parent, do I have time to scrutinize the fat ripples on my buttocks on a Friday at 8:00 am? It's called taking a vacation day, something I decided to do to celebrate my husband's birthday. We have both been beyond busy and somewhat stressed by jobs and life lately, so we intend to spend this partly sunny, 19 degree summer day lunching and boozing and shopping and having sex (egads!). And then, this evening, our lovely friends S and N are taking us out for dinner in celebration of our combined June birthdays. It's a day of debauchery. I LOVE debauchery!

And just to leave you in suspense, soon to come is a fun post which includes more potions, lovely blogger experiences, everyone's favourite observer Enc and chocolate. More to come peeps. Enjoy the day...


  1. Enjoy yourself! Especially the sex part. . . says the girl who makes a star in her empty bed every night :)

  2. What do mean??? Sex on a Friday?!?! Is the Armageddon upon us?

  3. Ah, a Lost Weekend. Well, a Lost Friday, anyway. How great.

    Thanks for the mention!


  4. E: I enjoyed myself for the both of us! :-)

    IM: That's just the kind of slutty girl I am!

    Enc: It was great, though the visit to the tequila bar after dinner was, perhaps, not the most prudent idea. We had a great time though...