Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In Case You Thought I Was Exaggerating...

As I was uploading these pics, it occurred to me that SKM would approve. Remember when she styled me in this ensemble:

Um, hello, does this not prove I was listening??!

BTW: This little dress is on sale for $1500.00 right now. It's regular disposable clothing!


  1. Oh how I love that yellow dress on you! Super saucy.

  2. Ahhhmazing! Love it. Surprisingly versatile, once you think about it...
    Oh, and you've been tagged. Check out my blog if you're interested :)

  3. Take your time :) I look forward to seeing your picks!

  4. love your pics and you look lovely in that dress.

    BTW, I was wondering if you would like to do a link exchange with me... Please contact me later about it!

  5. Enc: I know - it's saucy! (Just the word I was looking for.) You always know just what to say :-)

    Tavi: I don't know about versatile (it remains to be seen) but I'll keep you posted. And thanks for the great tag. I'm putting together playlists for my vacation this week!

    Fashion Addict: I'd be happy to do a link exchange. Just checked out your blog and I can't wait to get to know it better. Thanks for suggesting it!

    Thanks Wendy!

    IM: I don't even know what a fluffy duck is - but it sounds intriguing :-) Maybe I'll figure out how to make one over my vacation time!

  6. - 1 nip of white rum eg. bacardi
    - 1 nip advocaat
    - 1 nip cream
    - lemonade
    - ice cubes


    Put some ice cubes into the bottom of a very large cocktail glass. Top with the rum, advocaat and cream. Fill up the glass with lemonade. When you add the lemonade the drink with froth up; thus the name fluffy duck! Decorate the side of the glass with slices of pineapple, cherry, strawberries, etc.

  7. Oh lovely! (sorry it has taken me a while to get here, my world is a bunch of crazy right now) The yellow really suits you and boy do you have the legs to pull it off. It is a very fresh and young look that you work well. :)

  8. IM: I've got to tell you, that sounds kind of gross - and like it would get you super drunk in 5 seconds! So, perhaps it's a necessary evil :-)

    SKM: No worries, I know from life craziness! Glad you like it. I'm still looking to emulate some of the other looks. K

  9. You wear it well, k.line! Great look!