Friday, January 15, 2010

Where is Kristin

I have been stuck either a) under blankets or b) in front of the new fancy cable watching questionable programming for the last 3 days. I guess that means I am officially under the weather.

To wit (and I write this with a raging headache so it may not make much sense): I decided that the only thing that might help said headache would be an extra strength ibuprofen and a coffee. Needless to say, leaving this house is not an option. Which means I had to make the coffee. That in itself almost threw me over the edge. Eventually, when my espresso finished bubbling to the carafe, I poured it into a cup, opened a carton of cream (which I smelled, I do this reflexively), and added some in.

Of course, I can't freakin' smell anything, which means the iffy cream bits floating in the top of my coffee, made it past my razor-sharp detection methodology. I mean, I had another cream in the fridge. It's not like I couldn't have opened a new one if the old one smelled off!!!

But I'm not proud. I skimmed the surface of the cup and drank that shit. You gotta pick your battles.

PS: Cream was nowhere near best before date (still 2 weeks away) and on reviewing rest of contents I decided it wasn't really bad, just maybe moving in that direction. Still, I'm a freak. I mean, sick.

PPS: Upshot is you may not see too much action here as I finish with my pre-posted material and haven't yet had a chance to develop more. Let's see how the weekend plays out.

PPPS: The Isabella Oliver dress arrived and I'm a) so blah I haven't even managed to try it on (afraid to look in mirror) and b) so wanting to try it on and look good and write a post about it. Wish me luck.

PPPPS: There's another new post below this one. And it's actually interesting. So read it, ok?


  1. Oh beautiful K, I feel your pain. And I have SO done that with my coffee. It happens. Sleep, heal, be well soon.

  2. Lady, did I make the sicketh? My comments can be viral!

    I'm sorry that you're ill, but I want more from you. So, in short, you're just going to get cracking, raging aches and all;-)

    P.S. The bobbin wasn't the bitch; the threader was. I spent 2 hrs futzing!

  3. Feel better and stay away from questionable dairy products!

  4. Oh no! Sorry you're not feeling well :-( Feel better soon and in the meantime, enjoy your time on the couch. It may be the universe telling you take a break!

  5. Get better. And the cream won't hurt you.

  6. GEt well soon clever Kitten. Get well soon xx

  7. lol. this line "But I'm not proud. I skimmed the surface of the cup and drank that shit. You gotta pick your battles." is still making me laugh!

  8. Sal: No one could compete with Tissue Mountain, of course :-)

    Lydia: Done and done :-)

    Wendy: I'm an envelope pusher, what can I say.

    Fab and Stacy: Thank you! I do think it was time to take a break and rest...

    Kate: Thanks!

    D.: Alas, I know that from previous experience :-) but I'll deny it in a court of law.

    Hammie: Thank you!

    Maegan: You need to laugh what with the demands of moving house. Cannot wait to see how gorgeous the finished place is going to be.