Monday, January 11, 2010

Hide and Seek

I had the most fabulous breakfast with our fave, mid-Atlantic island-dwelling Seeker, and her terrific husband and sister.

What a pleasure to meet her after having read her blog for such a long while. Of course, I suggested that our meeting would have been entirely more fun in her 'hood - but there's always next time :-) Strangely, the sun has come out (though cold is dreadfully persistent), in honour of her visit. Um, I live here all the time - doesn't the weather owe me a thing or two??

I'm vaguely traumatized that these photos inadequately express Seeker's incredible, gentle - but assertive - chicness. She was wearing leather pants, peeps - and she rocks them!

I hope that she has a terrific rest of visit, relaxing and enjoying some time with family. This is one woman who deserves it!


  1. I'm so envious! Glad to hear you two beautiful ladies had such a great time.

  2. Shut up!!!!!!! I am soooooo jealous!! And, I am so happy you got to meet her. Seeker is in the Northern hemisphere! Come to L.A., dear Seeker. For that matter, K-line, come to L.A.!!!

  3. Oh it sounds like you had such a wonderful time. Meeting blog-friends is so nice.

  4. I spotted the leather pants immediately. Always chic. But, you're vest is tres chic too!!

  5. Love the pants! You two are cute!

  6. It was such a pleasure to meet you!
    You look even more gorgeous in person than on the pictures!
    Two great women together...

  7. I agree.. the pants look fantastic.

  8. Honestly I have no words to tell how much I loved our meeting. It was a dream came true!
    Thank you so much for your kind words about me!!
    But as I've already told you in person, I've seen many vests and no one looked so chic as yours on you, gorgeous, beautiful, chic and lovely lady!!!!
    Thank you so much for everything!!!
    Love to you

  9. How the world turns. I so love this I can barely type.
    And now the guilt over not meeting up with Super Kawaii Mama in Melbourne kicks in........xx

  10. Sal: Isn't it fun? One of us has to travel to the other's town...

    Bel: Right about now, LA would be SO amazing. And to visit you would be fantastic. At home with cold. Feeling blah...

    Mardel: It is!

    Stacy: The pants were amazing. I wanted to steal them on the spot to go with my fur :-) What is the name of your fashion design line? I totally want to check it out. Being a fashion designer must be the best job.

    Wendy: We try!

    Camisola: 3 great women together! (And one great guy...) It was great to meet you. Perhaps we'll get Seeker to return soon.

    April: The pants stole the day :-)

    Fab: Awww, thank you. I was no match for Ms. Seeker :-)

    Seeker: Thank you for taking the time out of a really full visit to meet me. It was so enjoyable and I can't wait till I come to your town :-)

    Hammie: Do not feel guilt. You go to Aus fairly regularly and there will be a next opportunity. Sometimes there's too much to do to get it all in. But when you meet her, I wanna hear about it.