Friday, January 22, 2010

Make / Do Style

On Jan. 1, fabulous Kate, of Make Do Style, issued a new year challenge. It advocates a 3-month save, culminating (if you choose) in a high-quality - and fiscally guilt-free - splurge. The idea is that many consumers, such as those who love clothing and fashion tremendously, tend to fritter their money away on impulse and/or disposable purchases, and then lament the lack of funds to buy those beautiful dream-items they've been wanting forever.

How many times have you said you want some Manolos "but they cost $700.00", only to discover (or to stringently avoid discovering, by hiding the credit card bills) that you've spent practically the same amount in a month or two on skimpy object A and impulse-buy B. (This example can be recreated at any price point.)

Now you know my take on the New Year's resolution. It's way too high on the scale of commitment. By its very nature, it encourages the late-January (col)lapse.

And yet, I appear to be following this challenge. (Mega-disclaimer: I reserve the right to change my mind and buy everything withing walking distance at any moment according to my whims.)

Of course, I've put my own spin on it. In my universe, fabric and patterns don't count as fashion expenditures. I figure, if I want new things between now and March 31, no prob. I simply have to get out my machine and sew them.

Yes, my friends, the use of the word "simply" is completely tongue-in-cheek. We all know how easy I find making things, what with my excess of experience and incredible degree of patience. :-) But, except for newbie element, and maybe the passionate nature, I am optimally positioned: I have the machine, the patterns, the fabric (what? I have a little stash), the interest, the love of finished products, the sew-in labels - they arrived!

In fact, my sewing obsession has effectively done away with any time I might spend shopping. Um, I'm not exactly fast like lightning.

So far it seems to be working out well. No doubt you'll see 83 more posts on this topic before the end of March.

PS: To those of you asking about the Isabella Oliver dress - ok, I'm giving away the secret that it's a dress - I'm going to a party on Saturday, and I intend to wear it then. Photo shoot coming up. Thanks for being interested!


  1. Man. Yet another argument for learning to sew: Curbs the shopping urge.

  2. Ha! Brilliant, how funny we did a post about each other without knowing. The blogosphere is all knowing. I also don't think you can count sewing projects as this is a different sphere. I'm buying a really basic machine as for running up skirts and dresses it will be fine. But only after all my other outgoings are met.

    PS I was really upset for je ne sais quoi (Janet) truly dreadful. Think Wendy & Sister Wolf were fab to get donates going asap.

  3. I just had this conversation with my hubby about how it should be our goal to put value of thought into purchases we make. I have, to my own pleasure, avoided impulse purchases. I hate how they make me feel when I walk into my closet and discover something I purchased without value to its meaning in my life.

    Looking forward to 83 billion more posts on this;-)

  4. So looking forward to your projects and to see what you eventually buy with the money saved.

  5. Sal: I think, more it just keeps you so occupied, there's no time left :-)

    Kate: That's hilarious. And I feel so terrible for Janet. But I know she is an incredibly strong person who is no stranger to adversity. I think, with our support she will make it through this horrible time.

    Lydia: You're doing a bit better than me :-) though I'm not a ridiculous impuls shopper. Sometimes I could stand to think harder though...

  6. Fab: You know I'm really looking forward to figuring out what I'm going to splurge on!

  7. I'm all about "do it yourself" these days, but I LOVE your disclaimer!

    Looking forward to photos tomorrow..

  8. haha That is SO true Kline..... (I've hidden cc bills before)... even extended it a few times..

  9. I'm all for the 3 month save, although it looks like my only "splurge" will be on a new boiler and heating pipes. Thank goodness I have fabric and can squeeze out pennies for the little things I am missing to make clothes.

  10. This is a very interesting idea. I'm too late for the January 1 start date, but I could start on Feb. 1 and just be a month behind.

    Thinking . . . thinking . . . .

  11. Stacy: I have that disclaimer affixed to my forehead :-)

    April: These things happen...

    Mardel: Anyone who says that homeowning isn't the biggest money suck, is def a renter :-)

    E: Um, you are always ahead of the pack!