Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Urban Jungle

I love how density and privacy interact here...


  1. Hi K-Line I've just found you via Looking Fab. Nice image - I'd love a house that opens out to the garden like this, that feeling of space and privacy is something you don't get when you live in a London apartment!

  2. Oh, so lovely! When will it be mine?

  3. this is amazing. and that is a hell of a view!

  4. I love it too. I'm ready to move in.

  5. TNMA: Thanks for stopping by! I hear you about apartment dwelling. I live in a really urban setting too...

    Dora: Hands off my new place :-)

    E: Isn't it perfect?

    Janelle: I know, and I love the interplay of inside and outside.

    Marinka: That setting so reminds me of NYC. Perhaps there's some new digs in your near future :-)