Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Little Thoughts

Many of you know the fabulous blogger Yulanda. She writes a great post, takes an incomparable photo - and has some of the most effortless style ever (trust me, I've spent time with her in real life). Some of you may also know - and she has discussed it openly, I'm not talking out of turn - that Y's been fighting a fairly significant battle for the last few months.

In addition to her many delightful qualities, Yulanda is one of the bravest people I know. She has uncomplainingly managed through numerous procedures, not only recently, but as a child when she encountered serious illness for the first time. And lately, as I understand it, it's been a pretty dark night of the soul kind of moment, one of those times when exhaustion and the unknown are hitting hard.

So I have an idea.

To disclose, right off the bat, I'm one of those children of hippies who's been brought up believing that the power of optimism is inestimable. As a long-time practitioner of yoga, I am convinced (because I've seen occur often enough) that thought is energy, and energy transforms things. I've been giving Y a lot of thought for a long time now. When I walk to work, she pops into my mind. When I read her tweets about hospital visits, I consider how she's feeling. When I check out the latest issue of FASHION (a publication where she interned last year), her image is close at hand.

I wonder how great it would be if we could all take some time, when the moment is right in our own (over) schedules, to think about this terrific woman - and to consider her challenge in the context of our optimism. I mean, why not bring the entire blog community to bear? Aren't we more together?

Furthermore, I'm sure that Y would love to know you are thinking about her (if she hasn't heard from you recently) and wishing her speedy recovery. I know I'd want to hear from you! So, may I suggest that you head on over to her blog and write her, well, a little thought?

I for one, am not tired. And I'm sending some bright energy her way.


  1. I think about her often as well, although I have never met her. I don't pray, but I too believe in what you are saying. Thank you for saying it.

  2. Heyya!
    While I don't know Y I will think of her as I do EVERY woman who is going thru the same thing. I have just written a post on this and I am thinking K.Line you'll be up for my most recent campaign :) I'll let you know it's going to be great and raise awareness of this exact thing, great minds!

    Renee xx

  3. i do not know her, but i will race right over there and see what i can do. :)

  4. Anabela: I know you will have a chance to meet her when we go for lunch after this situation improves!

    Renee: Well I do want to hear more about your undertaking. And thank you for being so generous with your good vibes!

    J: Thank you. Yulanda has a great blog. Check out her photos. I think you will love them.