Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thing I Love

My friend Nicole, fellow sewist, made some utterly gorgeous zipper pouches for her friends and family this Xmas. Honestly, this workmanship is incredible. It's a freakin' work of art.

When an item looks as good on the inside as outside, you know you've got talent. Now I have the best new makeup bag!


  1. that's gorgeous!! i've a mind to make some of my own with the leftover fabric from my dress project...

  2. I thought it said fellow "sexist" for a moment!

  3. that is actually way cool. I love little pouches. Must be the marsupial in me. xx

  4. I am still very much intimidated by the sewing machine...

  5. Sophie: You should! It's a lovely thing to own...

    Sal: I know!

    Monkey: Isn't it gorgeous - inside lining is very rich.

    Wendy: The word sewist isn't really working for me either. But "sewer" is just wrong...

    Hammie: LOL

    April: I understand. But look at what a talent you are with design and cooking. I know you have it in you.

  6. Those are too cute! Love the contrasting lining!

  7. Kristin: The lining is pretty special. Matches - but not matchy!