Friday, January 29, 2010

Honestly, If You Want to Buy This For Me, I'm Game...

It's clean, it's bright. It brings the lush outside world together with an austere, but comfortable interior.

The older I get, the more I realize the worth of a view...

Photos courtesy of, as usual, desire to inspire...


  1. Stop! You're killing me w/ these photos! I have a file like this... places I would love to live one day. I think at this point, the file is larger than my apartment!

  2. How nice would that be? In my dreams I live somewhere like this!

  3. Fab: Is it not perfection??

    Stacy: It's part of my internet function to torture you with gorgeous photos. Sorry. :-)

    TNMA: I say, let's try to live the dream!

    Nic: C'mon, isn't this part of your farmhouse plan??

    Wendy and Belle: It really is so beautiful. Hope it fired up your imaginations :-)

  4. All that blonde wood and beautiful natural light are . . . (fill in superlative here)!!!!!


  5. E: I notice you aren't offering to purchase it for me :-)