Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What Can I Say...

...I'm a girl who likes a good breakfast nook.

Photo courtesy of desire to inspire


  1. That is not a good breakfast nook. That is a GREAT breakfast nook!

  2. I wish I could crawl into the picture.

  3. Wow. That puts our nook to shame.

  4. D.: I stand corrected! :-)

    Wendy: We could drink some cocoa there and look at the view.

    Sal: When I saw this, I immediately thought of your lovely nook, which a) is excellent and b) architectural history in the making.

  5. Who cares about breakfast? I'd just like to sit there for half an hour, as part of the fixtures!

  6. oh you Canadians and your blithe unconcern for innuendo! *smirks*

    Me, I prefer a pre-dinner "nook" myself. Preferably after a long bath in a nice hotel and half a bottle of champagne.

    But this is a very pretty table. xx

    Happy 2010 beautiful!

  7. OK, I've decided I have to buy this house and everyone has to join me and have some tea. But also some booze because tea is a bit less fun than booze. OK?

    And Hammie: Why don't you write for television?