Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kristin Shrugged

Meet my fave homemade garment to date:

It's so comfortable, it's incredibly warm. Um, it's machine washable peeps!

Now, this one cost $15.00 and took 3 hours to make (ok, and then another hour in reworking, but still). That's quite a deal for something I enjoy many times a week. Honestly, none of these photos shows it to its best advantage, but if I don't post these pics, who knows when I will be motivated again...


  1. And those are my favorite pictures of you to date. ;o)

  2. You're becoming very accomplished and prolific!

  3. Nice job! Now you have to do one for ALL OF US.

  4. Whoa. I just realized I say amazing and fabulous a lot. I really need to switch it up. (but it still amazing and fabulous)

  5. i can't believe you made this. it's amazing! gorgeous colour too.

  6. I think the collar is stunning - absolutely stunning. I can see this shrug with a crisp white shirt and a flowly top. Versatile and made by you. Hot!

  7. WOW! That is amazing that you were able to make that, you are so talented and I wish I possessed the skills to do so ;)

  8. that is so nice, and it looks warm. It’s a very comfy garment as I see it.

  9. You look so beautiful on it. I actually like it.

  10. Thank you Monkey!

    Miss C: Prolific, I'll give you :-)

    Stacy: I know we offlined that discussion, but for others - nameless synthetic.

    Wendy: Give me a while to get better. Then I'm going to start my own assembly line :-)

    Shallow Coffee: In the scheme of things, yes. I know it's hard to believe.

    Pink: Thank you so much!

    Lydia: What a great styling tip. Love that. Thanks!

    heart charlie: I'm a total newbie. You can do it too! Just takes some insanity and time (and the right ingredients). Till I started, I never thought I'd be able to do it either.

    HRT: Thanks.

    OTJ: Thank you...

  11. congrats on creating something and being so proud about it... ;)

  12. Elie: I gotta feel the excitement!

    Imogen: Why thank you!