Saturday, January 2, 2010

Way To Bring In the New Year

I decided that, to match our wild mushroom brie fondue tradition, I'd go retro with the outfit.

Yes, that is me wearing an orange-esque vintage scooter dress with fuchsia tights. It's made in Italy, doncha know. And it's hand stitched along the button placket at the front of the skirt. I really wanted it just to see how it was put together :-) But I'm so thrilled this garment fits. I have never bought a vintage dress, sight unseen. Cherie gives very good sizing information on her site. And she has a return policy!

Oh, and those shoes, my favourite taupe suede YSL - they're ones that never make it outside (they're not outrageously practical) but which really give impossible chic to any ensemble.

On a related note, I'm really enjoying The Beautiful Fall by Alicia Drake. It's about Paris fashion and the careers of YSL and Karl Lagerfeld. Those two were worthy rivals!


  1. Amazing! The dress looks perfect on you. I am experiencing serious dress covetousness.

  2. Oh I love it K!!!
    You look gorgeous, perfect fit.

    By the way, do you think Toronto a good destiny to relax?? lol ;-)


  3. very fabulous! lovin the retro.

  4. Oh my F GOSH... gorgeous!!!

  5. ooh loving the red! Happy New Year! LLGxx

  6. You look FABULOUS in this dress and the tights are brilliant! This was my dress, from my collection of treasured vintage clothes. It did not fit me very well, so I decided to sell her. I am thrilled to see that she found a wonderful new home. Happy New Year! Bess.

  7. Love this outfit. And my YSL's are outrageously impractical too! They are really made for sitting, aren't they?

  8. Wow...what vibrant color! I love it for winter.

  9. The fit looks superb! I just love it!!!

  10. Ooh I love this, the colour is gorgeous! Just wanted to stop by to wish you a Happy New Year :)

  11. Oh. My. Lord. That dress is one of the best things I've ever seen! You rule orange. It looks fabulous on you. Go you!

  12. Fantastic, K! What a great purchase!

  13. Wow, you look gorgeous! Love that outfit on you!

  14. LOVE IT!
    How could I have missed this.
    Amazing what a fantastic buy.

    Also just to confirm I'm not banning coffee or magazines those were just examples of costs and cost saving areas!!

  15. Monkey: Merci beaucoup!

    Historiadora (you need a nickname, maybe Dora?): Thank you sooo much! I understand dress covetousness well, and it is a lovely compliment. xo

    Seeker: You know I think TO (in January?!) is a great place to go. Visit me!

    Londyn and Wendy and April: Thank you all so much. I am so lucky to have scored this before any of you saw it :-)

    LLG: Thank you! And happy new year to you too...

    ~h: Thanks! I thought the collar might be extreme but I'm enjoying it. And the book is great, you're going to love it.

    Bess: Let me say THANK YOU! for commenting here. I love to know the history behind my vintage purchases and I'm so thrilled to have the back story. As we are of similar build (I assume), I hope to own one of your other prized pieces one day. Thank you for keeping it in such lovely condition. I promise I'll take excellent care of it too.

  16. Stacy: Thank you! I'm so glad to know someone else agrees about the YSLs. Those ladies weren't walking :-)

    Belle: Thanks!

    Miss C: Cherie does an excellent job providing sizing. But what good fortune that it all went together sight unseen!

    Jen: Thank you! It's been a while! And congrats on your engagement...

    Iris: Thank you. I know you too rule orange. I can tell!

    Sal: Isn't it amazing that I found this online!

    Sonja and Imogen: Thank you so much. Happy new year both of you!

    Kate: Thank you! And whew on the coffee and mags front. I have been spending less on food though. Something about your post must have made an impact :-)

  17. You look STUNNING in that dress! Seriously, I'd never take it off. Amazing that you were able to get such a great fit from online vintage!

  18. You look fabulous in that dress! And you really rock the outfit. I have a pair of suede YSL pumps that don't make it outside much either. But they are queen of the dinner party.

  19. Janet: thank you SO much for such a compliment. It was pretty amazing. I guess the dress just needed to be mine. I've looked at Cherie's site for a long time, but when I saw this, I knew I had to act immediately!

    Mardel: Thank you M! What is it with the YSL pumps and the dinner parties? And yet we pay gladly to own those beauties...