Tuesday, January 19, 2010


You have got to check out this post, which provides extremely cool photos of a small space, egg-shaped dwelling that offers all you need to live comfortably - if austerely - in 20 metres squared. McMansions, beware!


  1. Excellent. And you can probably just pick it up and take it with you if you move.
    What would make it perfect is if it's self-cleaning.

  2. Bonkers! I couldn't do it or could I?

    I've just sourced cheap small easy sewing machine so might be onto it very soon x

  3. I don't see any room for my boat shop.

    We always rent a beach house, built in the 70's, that is a geodesic dome. It is very spacious and fun to live in for a week.

  4. Raven: LOL. So true!

    Kate: You couldn't do it with a kid, that's for sure.

    D. Ha! I love the idea of living in a geodesic dome. My husband is obsessed with them and their architectural perfection.

  5. The pics are inspirational, in that it makes me think of what I really need in my home, and what is cluttering it up.

  6. Anon: Eventually, one starts to feel like everything is clutter! :-) (Esp. from the vantage point of this place.)