Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jersey Girl

You know I am a not-so-secret fan of Isabella Oliver. I think the brand does drape - and elegant fluid fabrics - just perfectly, but that's not all. Its product is sold solely online, which seems so modern given an extensive - and rather luxurious - collection. Maybe I'm just drawing a blank, but I can't think of another fashion company (excluding the grassroots ones, natch) that runs its entire business over the web.

Which leads me to my next point...

Recently, I have been predisposed to look at the site, not only as a stage for the lovely eye-candy, but also as a vehicle of commerce, because the fab PR peeps have suggested that I might want to choose a piece and tell y'all what it's like in real life. I know, I know, but don't girly-scream too loud. It will freak out your neighbours (she says, speaking completely theoretically).

Of course, you will hear about that at length - when it arrives, but let's get back to the website.

I look at a lot of sites. I'm sure you do too, but my consideration is based, in part, on my professional experience of them. They factor into my work life so I do know a thing or two about how they're supposed to function. Isabella Oliver's my lovlies, is top of the line, IMO.

For example: Sale items are clearly marked, easy to find and searchable by discount percentage. You have easy access to the chic online magazine, each product in which is linked to the actual item. But, let's cut to the chase, when you visit said item (which will take you admirably from day to night), you are treated to numerous excellent photos, a video of the garment being worn (by an admittedly very gorgeous and thin model), a sketch view of the item (revealing seam lines) and a matrix providing info about what the garment is made of, how to style it, various detailing and sizes.

Ah, about sizes... It may be gimmicky, but I really appreciate how the clothing is sized by letters. It's not like they're pulling the wool over your eyes (ha!), but it's nice to enter a world of beautiful jersey fabrics, all of which integrate so nicely together, and which use a fairly uncommon sizing system. Takes the edge of preconceptions about how number sizes and measurements interact. And it's kind of novel. (Note: If British companies size like this routinely, you have to let me know. I haven't seen this often before.)

One other thing I really enjoy about the product is that it's ageless. The adolescent, who raids her mother's closet, will look hip. The working woman - from day's meetings to a dinner date - is well-outfitted and elegant. Mums of young kids can bend and stretch in this stuff (although they should avoid children when they are eating!). My own mother, in her early 60s, would look great in many of these pieces.

I can't wait to touch the fabric and try it on. Please stay tuned.


  1. How exciting! Can't wait to see what you picked.

  2. My first time checking out that site. They have a lot of nice things. I'm in love with the floor length stripe dress.

  3. I bought 3 items from them when I was pregnant with petit garcon and wore them to death. So lovely, you'll be impressed with the fabric!

  4. i am embarrassed to admit that i am not familiar with this line and/or website. ack! bet you can guess what my next web visit will be! ;)

  5. I think it's brilliant. And there is a huge savings by not having an actual store -- rent is so much cheaper online. It's really the way of the future. People would much rather shop in the comfort of their own home cozied up in Isabella Oliver jersey.

  6. How exciting! I love good quality jersey. Cant wait to see it :)

  7. Me neither.. and thanks for the introduction.. because I am totally in love with the swing coat and the handbags.... OH My goodness...

  8. I'm going right now. I can't wait to see the site, and what you get, and what you post about it!

  9. I just took a *cursory* glance and could rack up $1000 worth of stuff with about 10 seconds worth of clicking. Dangerous.

    I hope they offer ME free stuff!

  10. Oh wow! I can't wait to find out what you think and what you chose. I looked at that site before when you mentioned it and have considered but haven't yet taken the plunge and ordered.

  11. Sal: I think it will be beautiful!

    Raven: It's all really appealing...

    Kate: So glad to hear that testimonial...

    Janelle: It's hard to stay on top of everything :-)

    Stacy: It's so true!

  12. Fashion Dreamer: Jersey is my fave. And I am very psyched.

    April: My utter fave is the cape. Trying to figure out how to get that one...

    E: Spend another 10 minutes and you can buy the entire line. Really.

    Mardel: I will let you know!