Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Public Pool Chic

Now this is a community space I can get with! (If you'd like to assist - plane fare to France and membership are appreciated :-))

Les Bains des Docks, Le Havre, France photos courtesy of things I have seen


  1. omg it looks so lovely! like a museum and a pool together in one!

  2. Oh la la might nip across the channel for this!

  3. Such a chic plunge. Leave it to the French to make a public pool look glamorous.

  4. Worth getting a bathing suit to go there!

  5. So beautiful! I have not worn a bathing costume outside my own yard for years, but for the chance to swim there, I'd gladly go nude!

    Or even endure the pain of trying on a thousand swimsuits to find one that looked semi ok when I'm half submerged!


  6. WOW!!!!! oh MY! i might even be convinced to wiggle into a bathing suit if jumping in this pool was an option! yeesh!

    happy new year, gorgeous! :)

  7. I want to close my eyes, click my heels and wake up there. Love it.

  8. Jennine: Well said!

    Kate: Don't brag about that proximity! :-)

    Bel: I know, it's like some hip boite (no pun intended).

    Wendy: I suggest that you follow Christine's lead and just go naked :-) It's the European thing to do.

    Christine: Why bother with the swimsuit, really... :-)

    Janelle: Isn't it superb.

    Stacy: When you get that to work, I want to know the exact details of the techique, ok?