Monday, February 1, 2010


This is the Hot Pattern free cowl, I've made three times now:

I'm extremely happy with it, which is the good news and, indeed, the take-away message.

However, what should have taken 3 hours, took 8 because I stupidly neglected to cut 6 inches off the bodice. (It's made for Amazons apparently - and we all know my torso is not long.)

It's like, this weekend, I was fated to rip out stitches - almost as if to snuff out my hatred of that activity. Between this garment and my newly-made yoga pants (more info to follow), I spent HOURS undoing seams I should have thought about more carefully prior to sewing them up.

Truly, there was no excuse for this one. I've made this shirt twice before, for goodness sake! Note to self: shorten pattern pieces before putting them away. Then, when you don't remember that they weren't perfect prior to adjustment, you won't take it for granted and be forced to start again.

Now why I had to rip out the seams, not once, but twice... (that's another story).


  1. Blimey you are like a woman possessed! Your outputs are so good and so many now. I won't be able to do catch up. Still saving for machine - I can purchase post March. So far I've managed to stick to my guns but nearly buckled in Zara this weekend. But my no fritter sense took over thankfully.

  2. I take it, then, that ripping seams is NOT meditative?

  3. I love it!! I always wanted panter prints!!!

  4. You are on a roll! Yoga pants too... do tell!

  5. i'll take the amazon version! i wish it was still available!!!! but somehow i think you would charge me $200 for this fab top! sewing really is a labor of love. and at times, HATE! ripping out seams is so FRUSTRATING!!! and i can't do zippers, but i would imagine that would be maddening to rip out, too!

  6. Kline.. what can't you do? I have not attempted sewing yet.. haha remember I said I wanted an a-line shift dress... yay.. right...

    YOU are so good..

  7. I've ripped out many a seam--which is why I graciously declined to make EIGHT princess dresses for my daughter's musical last year. Knew it would be an exercise in utter frustration.

    Very smart leopard top!!

  8. Oh, I've ripped too many seams to count, and each is pure frustration. But the top is fabulous.

    If you are always going to shorten the pattern though, I highly recommend cutting it once and being done with it. I make this mistake far too often and find that notes to myself are not nearly as effective as just fixing the bloody pattern and being done with it.

  9. Kate: Last night I dreamt I was at a store and bought stuff by accident - not remembering the ban. And then I FREAKED out when I realized what I'd done. I actually woke up in a sweat. Don't worry, March is around the corner and those new self-made yoga pants will be yours.

    Sal: Not unless you consider it meditating to loathe yourself as you reflect on your stupidity :-)

    Lamia: I love the animal prints too!

    Stacy: The yoga pants will feature prominently in the next post. To consider though: I believe they are cut for a short person - maybe even a small (but curvy) person. You strike me as tall for some reason. And you are very slim. You might need to make them longer and def. go with the small.

    J: It's not available? Email me if you want to and I'll try to send you the PDF. Of course, I could make you one for 200 bucks :-)

    April: You are way too kind. Or my photos are good :-) I'm sure you'll get that a-line dress one way or another...

    Miss C: I can't believe a school would even SUGGEST that to a modern, working parent. You made the right call, honey.

    Christina: Thanks!

    Mardel: You are SO right. I will never go through that again, she says, hopefully :-) Good news is that I think it will be perfect for your long torso. No adjustments necessary!

    Oxford: A staple, yes?

  10. I'm very familiar with the feeling of doing too much work on one piece!

  11. Would that not work as a dress? Next time you make it too long send it to me, I'm short and I wear opaques. xx

  12. Wendy: I'm sure you are!

    Hammie: Deal.