Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Link Love

Hey y'all, the sewing blog roll is up on the sidebar. I'm sure it will continue to grow because there are some awesome sewists out there and I may finally be hitting that critical mass of "like-minded" sew bloggers which will, no doubt, point me in the direction of others.

If you can recommend anyone I haven't thought of, please do.



  1. Are you keeping friends who are non sewers? If not I will immediately go and buy needle and thread.;-)

  2. Bel: Some of my best friends are "non-sewers" :-) But I bet you will have fun with that needle and thread. And you are so sweet...

  3. kristin - i meant to tag you in my "favorite things" post - maybe this will entice you to come out of your february funk a little sooner :)

    it's blizzarding like mad over here, and i'm so fed up with winter already!

  4. Sophie: Thanks for the tag. I want to do this but it may be a while - I'm extremely unmotivated while also being stupidly busy. Lovely combo :-) I totally loved your fave things...