Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Brief Administrative Update

Hey Y'all: I've been a bit lax on my commenting (though not reading, to the best of my ability) and responding to your comments. It's not that I'm disinterested, I'm just having a bit of a stressful time which, I'm sure, will abate soon.

I would like to take the opp to tell you that I've heard your comments about Yulanda have been read and greatly appreciated by her family. I too, found them so beautiful and comforting - it's wonderful to know how much she meant to everyone and to find that there are many other bloggers who have lauded her. Kxo


  1. Don't ever feel like you need to respond to my comments. I know you read them and I know you read my blog from time to time. You're always cool with me Miss Lady.

  2. I just learned of her passing. I am so very sorry. Take good care of yourself, dear K-line. Huge hugs to you.xoxox

  3. Monkey: xo

    Wendy: It is. Interesting week here. I'm sure I'll laugh about it soon...

    Bel: Thank you. xo

  4. i was so upset about yulanda when i saw on friday.

  5. Pink: It's really very sad. I have no words to make it better. xo