Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kwik n' Easy

In a move that's unheard of, Kwik Sew ships to Canada (and I believe only to Canada) in CDN funds and they charge $.01 S&H. Yes, that is one cent. Last week I bought a Kwik Sew yoga pant pattern from Pattern Review which cost me $19.00 after shipping. This new pattern - which I will wear in 5 colours, the leotard is my fave kind of top! - cost $12.99 and it should arrive in 2 days.

I know it looks goofy on the website. But I will chic it up, promise.

This brings me to a related topic, that of my pattern, um, addiction. Do we call it patternholism? I have a post coming up (still have to write it), which will contextualize my many purchases. In brief, though I have lots of projects lined up over the next 4 - 6 months, I am averaging one handmade item (either for myself or someone I care about) per week.

I'm trying to buy patterns that will a) build on my developing skills b) look great on me (if all goes as planned) and c) won't throw me over the edge with complexity. Happily, it appears that I prefer, in general, items that are easy to construct. The lines are more appealing to me and on my shape.

I wear my home-sew garments to work all the time. Or I give them to a friend. Last week alone, I wore 3 things I've made - and I was off one day.

I do love investing in my interests. It makes things livelier - and my boredom reflex is almost as strong as my will to master things, so that's a good thing.

PS: The yoga pants pattern is the BEST pattern I've every worked from. In my limited experience - but who are the making patterns clear for if not for the beginners?? - most patterns are horrendously written. Doesn't matter the brand, the item, stretch or woven etc. It's as if they are designed to confuse. This pattern, which yielded an excellent result (let's call it a staple) was so clear that I can only blame my initial error, resulting in 3 hours of wasted time, on my own idiocy. If you sew, you should make these. And then do some yoga.


  1. One a week? WOW, lady. That is dedication!

  2. You know the most awesome feeling? It's when you realize that everything you have on has been made by your hand! I just love those days!

  3. Sal: Remember my "I reserve the right to change course at a moment's notice" philosophy :-)

    Heather: That is a total thrill, I'm sure. Wait till I start making my own bras and undies! (oooh, did I just say that out loud??)

    Kate: 3115. You. must. order.

  4. Wow, you are doing great. And kwik sew patterns have great instructions. I'm looking forward to this.

  5. Mardel: I think you were the one who told me about Kwik Sew in the first place. This pattern just arrived - 10 days later! The Canada Postal system sucks so bigtime. Maybe I'll get to do it this weekend?! Thanks for all of the encouragement...