Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Nub of the Gist

I guess there's no point in reflecting on the implications of not shopping when there's nothing to to tempt me.

Fortuitously, the shopping goddess has decided to throw me a curve.

While reading Vogue UK recently (I know, what am I doing reading a glorified shopping catalog when I'm not in the market??), I spied this:

See that fantastic vintage silhouette? It comes in my size too - and I can't often say that about a wire-free bra.

Alas, it's not cheap. At 55 pounds plus shipping, I'm looking at a little investment. Not that it would matter if it were 3 bucks - or 300. I'm not buying right now, remember? (Note to reader: Natch, I'm clarifying that for my own edification...)

I bookmarked it on Figleaves and I'll buy it in April if it's still there. In the meanwhile, I'll be (compulsively) checking out the full line of gorgeous foundation pieces here...


  1. Ooh, now that is fabulous. And of course the ability to imagine how nice it will be is only magnified by not buying.

  2. Someday, you must teach me to appreciate lingerie. I have ten of the exact same CK t-shirt bra. ;)

  3. I don't know... that is hard to resist!

  4. That is a beauty... thumbs up on resisting :)

    With Love...

  5. kristin - i just found this bra in some fun and punchy colors at ASOS on major sale - perhaps it's still available in your size...you should check it out before they sell out!

    totally with you on the challenges of finding a wireless yet still well-made, lovely bra...lingerie shopping has got to be one of my most-dreaded shopping errands.

  6. Christina: It blows my mind!!

    Mardel: You may be right, but look at Miss Sophie's email below - egad, what to do??

    Sal: The problem is you haven't been indoctrinated by my constant close proximity. It's works slower over the internet.

    Stacy: Which is precisely why you shouldn't resist. Order it now and tell me how it looks...

    Marta: Thank you for the support :-)

    Sophie: I don't know whether to hug you or hit you (lovingly, natch) for telling me this fascinating and useful bit of money-saving information :-) I only have to hope they don't have my size!

  7. lol - kiristin, just so you know i just got myself one from the ASOS website, so it def is on sale online (for $30 USD!!). is there an ASOS store where you are? i just recently discovered the wonders of this massive online shop, and am still trying to wrap my head around their dizzying inventory and sale prices!

  8. Oh, my envy! You must tell us how it goes...