Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sewing Blogs I Love

My sewing journey has been vastly improved by many amazing blogs - and bloggers - that have helped me to solve the innumerable "issues" associated with taking up a new craft.

Mardel and SKM, particularly, have invested time, care and photo essays?! to ameliorate the tough times. I can't wait for a day when I might help a novice sewist to understand her first projects. Seriously, with this hobby, I've received so much goodwill that I must pass it on.

Here are some daily reads, which offer me insight, new techniques, resources and community. If you sew / are interested in the art - newbie or veteran - these sites are terrific.
Additionally, I've had the opportunity, over the past few days, to find a ton of new sewing blogs I'm just getting to know. Once I know them better, I'll be sure to link to them too!

PS: I intend to add to a new blog roll together for sewing blogs specifically. I just haven't had 5 minutes to get to it, but pls. stay tuned.


  1. Yes please do add sew blog roll.
    do you know what I tried on a dress yesterday to consider buying in the future for a wedding when I realised I should make one! The money would be better spent on sewing machine, fabric and cotton. I'm so pleased and I'll get the style of dress I want to wear!

  2. This is great info, thanks. You've really done your research!

  3. Thanks, I love new reads. Sadly, I wont have any time to sew, but I would love to

  4. Thanks for posting this K.... if I ever dare to try and sew.. I just don't have confidence in myself...

  5. Thanks for adding me! I feel all glow-y now!

  6. Thank you for listing me. And now if I can only get out of my head and get some clothes out of that *&##@* sewing machine.

  7. Kate: The sewing blogroll is partial, but up on my sidebar now...

    Stacy: It was the most fun research evah!

    Erica: Thanks for the great blog!

    Reena: You can still look :-)

    April: It's hard to find that initial burst of confidence. I know. But once you get over the first hurdle, it's smooth sailing... (well, until the storms) :-)

    Heather: Thanks for your fabulous correspondence and bra making skill!

    Mardel: You have the heart of a sewist (and crafter). Even if you need to turn your focus to other things for a while, the sewing awaits you.

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