Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Valentine's Version

To say I could care less about Valentine's Day is the understatement of the century. I actually think it's a mean holiday. Those who have sweeties can celebrate their love any old time. Those who don't are discriminated against. But let's face it, the perceived isolation of the average non-partnered (from hearts and roses, sexy lingerie and passion) is entirely fabricated - as is the greeting card occasion. Note: Jewels are exempt from my contempt. :-)

May I recommend that you never dine out on VDay? The food is invariably crappy and the service rushed.

Wow, I'm just a wealth of romance in this post.

But moving on, when you have a young'un, Valentine's is important. You gotta get the cards (one for every kid in the class). You gotta come up with something pink and sweet.


These are the yellow cupcakes with buttercream(cheese) icing, made one week after the "naked" batch. In pink!

By the time you read this, I will have served them at my latest dinner party.


  1. Very yummy and you humbug, I love Valentines Day with Mr MDS. Mind you he is the only person I've ever felt this about! I think it is so nice to encourage the class though!!

  2. The cupcakes look delish! You have a very good point about dining out...I linked this post.

  3. yummy!! It seems very delicious!!

  4. ack! i think you just gave me the perfect dessert idea for dinner tonight...the bf and i are making a little romantic dinner for two, cooking from Julia Child's cookbook :)

  5. Love the photography here--it captures just the right shade of pink . . . Too bad I gave up (most) sugar along with caffeine.

  6. I must say that I agree with you about the concept of Valentine's and dinner out is to forget.
    But the cupcakes look so yummy!!!!!


  7. It is not my favorite holiday. I don't like obligatory days of affection. I prefer spontaneous days of love. But, I would take a cupcake any day of the week.

  8. I honestly LOVED v-day when I was younger, more when I was dating and less when I got married...

    As for the cuteness above.. I'd eat the tops and the icing.

  9. these look like they're from a shop, yum

  10. Hmmm, those look yummy.

    I agree generally about the dinner out thing, but we went Saturday to a restaurant that is only open Thurs-Sat to a reservations only crowd. Most of the clientele were regulars, except for two young couples who squeezed in just before the kitchen closed as walk-ins, and yes they were a little rushed but the food was probably just as good.

    I never go out on V-day if it is a day one of my favorite places isn't normally on top of its game.

  11. Hey all: Thanks for your lovely comments about the cupcakes - and your feelings about V day. Kxo