Friday, February 5, 2010

Something Tells Me WendyB Could Pull This Off

...with aplomb! (Oh, those sleeves...)

Dior 1970 Couture Collection, courtesy of Jezebel...


  1. I actually think I'm in love with a garment...

  2. Too right, she could!

  3. It's dramatic and bold, but it has a goth feel to it that sort-of creeps me out. Sorry to be the voice of doubt in the crowd.

  4. I saw the picture and thought "Ooh, I like that" first and THEN I saw your comment. LOL! I love the drama of it. Wow, yeah, I don't always like things with such a high neckline but if I bumped into this I would definitely try it on to see for myself if it could work.

  5. Oh, I sawe and loved this! But I really want to restyle the model's tresses.

  6. i could not make this work, not in a million years! but more power to a woman that CAN! :)

  7. that is so beautiful, i would totally wear this. could definitely see wendyb in it:)

  8. April: It's a worthy one!

    Sal: I know, it just hit me when I saw it.

    D.: We need all the perspectives!

    Dora: I'm sure you can find a suitable approximation at a great vintage store. Maybe Shrimpton online? Of course, may cost a bit!

    Wendy: That's hilarious!

    Miss C: I know - the hair is terrible. Does not translate to this era.

    Stacy: You are in the know! Excellent.

    J: I couldn't make it work in a zillion years either. But I can still admire from afar.

    Pink: You could totally rock this!

    Maegan: Me too!

    Imogen: I know!