Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some Like It Hot

If you think the Toga dress was sexy, you have got to check this out:

Yes friends, meet the Asymmetrical dress, part of the new spring collection by Isabella Oliver.

What do you think??

I'm sure it would bring out the colour of my eyes :-)


  1. K - if that dress is not "you" then I don't know what it. Yes. Yes. Yes.

  2. This dress is amazing!!! and the color....agh!! stunning!!

  3. that's a goddess dress! it looks so comfy on too ;)

  4. WOW. 100% gorgeous. Buy it, please oh please!

  5. Tessa: I'll take that lovely compliment :-)

    Stacy: Isn't it amazing?

    Lamia: The colour is what totally sucks me in :-)

    Sophie: It does look comfortable!

    Sal: I'm thinking of it as a post-ban treat. Thing is that it would require a strapless bra - and I don't find those overly comfortable to wear all day. So I'm not sure if this is right for me. Though I love it.

    J: Maybe you wanna do it too! :-)