Saturday, January 23, 2010

Toga Party

So hear it is, my lovelies - the Isabella Oliver Toga dress:

This toffee-coloured dress is utterly beautifully constructed. It's lined with a same-tone tricot slip, the drape is spectacular and the asymmetry of the neckline and sleeves appeals tremendously.

Gotta say though, it's not a garment for the faint of heart. It emphasizes every curve, and as you know I am not short on those. I can't wear it to work, it's simply too, well, distracting. However, if you were of straighter proportions than me, I think it would play up the curves you're seeking and be extremely chic.

Scott, my photog, could not stop talking about its elegance.

I will totally purchase from this brand again. But, next time, I will choose something a smidge more conservative, to get as much use out of it as possible!

Secretly, this is my dream purchase du jour:

I think it's extremely unlikely that it will still be available on April 1, when my no-shopping moment has passed. But if it is, this is my next splurge.

Thanks, Lucy, for giving me a chance to see this beautiful line up close and personal!


  1. Oh how I've missed your modeling. That dress and you in it look divine.

  2. LOVE it Kline! How have you been? Have not heard from you in a while = ) You are sporting that dress fabulously.

  3. Wow, what a fabulous dress for you! The color! The fit!
    Can you comment on the sizing for this line? I rushed right over to look at the offerings...I am often a 12 but rarely a 14 and am tempted to go with the equivalent to 10 due to the stretchiness....any thoughts greatly appreciated!

  4. April: I think there may be a problem with me getting your feed. I thought you hadn't been posting because nothing is coming up in my Reader... Need to go check out the blog directly.

    Margaret: Thank you so much! The sizing is really well defined on the site, next to each garment. I took my measurements and opted (given my shape) to fit the bust - made it my priority measurement. I took a D in this dress, as a result (that doesn't denote bra size, it's their special system). D falls in the medium spectrum. Apparently, it's like a US size 8. I'm often a US 6. If I were you, I'd go with the F. It's a 12-14 and the good thing about stretch is that it will slim to your shape, even if on the slightly larger size for your frame.

    Note: Some of the items are stretchier than others, I imagine, so it might depend on the garment. As well, you haven't mentioned your proportions. If you are smaller in waist and chest, for example, you might want to go for a 10 (E) in tops but a larger size in skirts or pants.

    With this particular dress, I would not have wanted to go down a size i.e. to the C (or US 6) which I was toying with. It's so body conscious I don't think it would have been more flattering - but who knows?

    Let me know what you order! And feel free to email me if you have any additional questions.

  5. Wonderful use of asymmetric draping. And the color is so sophisticated and modern.

  6. Oh, that dress is so sexy and sophisticated! Thanks for your sweet comment, lady!

  7. Wow, that dress looks sexy and sophisticated on you. Very chic!

  8. Well, I'm going to rip Monkey off and say "hubba hubba." That dress was made for you, K. It is so incredible; I'm sure you'll find multiple excuses to go out at night so you can put it on. How cool that your hubbo likes it.


  9. Oh wow! Isabella Oliver, you say? Will check that out.

    And how lucky are you to be able to pull off that caramel colour? Gorgeous (and looks amazing with them boots)!

  10. Miss C: Why, thank you!

    Stacy: The draping is really excellent. It's just the kind of work I'd love to be able to produce for myself!

    Dora: Thank you! And I wish you much happiness...

    Mardel: Thanks! How hard do you suppose it is to sew? :-)

    E: Thanks so much! I will def be wearing it out in the summer as my go-to dinner outfit.

    Iris: Totally check it out. Excellent brand and very good quality.

  11. You look gorgeous in brown!! (I look like a turd :)

  12. Wow... that looks amazing on you! Gorgeous colour and the draping is beautiful! I love the Isabella Oliver 365 range. And now I have Coat Lust!

  13. E8: Why thank you and I don't believe you look anything less than lovely in brown. :-)

    ThatGirl: Snap it up if you can. I think it's a keeper. And thanks!