Tuesday, July 8, 2008

When Your Shopping Budget is in the Crapper (Like, For Real...)

For a girl who likes to tell virtual strangers all about her fashion blog, I haven't exactly been pulling out the eye candy these past few days. Of course, there was the "vacation" and then the sickness (still too evident for my liking) and the kid's sickness (on the mend) and the home renovation (?!?!?!). Today it was all I could do to get dressed and walk out the door (without flashing a tiling guy). I mean, somehow, I managed to wear a patent burgundy belt and cherry red gladiator sandals together. Do we really need to document that ??

Remember, I will be going to Mtl this weekend - new home of the world's largest uranium stash - so it's sure to be a shopping bang :-)

But, back to the mundane details that are taking front and centre:

Look, I know I'm not the first girl to have a bathroom redone. And I do have another bathroom I can use in the meanwhile. And I do realize that many people renovate without the benefit of a designer and a team of skilled professionals. (Note: Perhaps those are the ones who still have some money left for food when it's all said and done :-)) Not to mention, said team is doing excellent, clean work, if at a slower pace than I would optimally prefer. And then there are all those things no one can predict. Don't worry, I intend to spare you the details.

But if you know anything about me by now it's that I am a whiner who doesn't like to feel out of control. In. Any. Way. Who loathes mess like only a card-carrying obsessive compulsive can. And who's a bit of a drama queen. With a cold. And a toilet in a box in the dining room.

To forestall eye glaze, I'll desist from discussing the electrical and the subfloor in favour of posting some photos shortly. That's if I ever get around to snapping the befores. Because, if you can't see me in a new vintage frock you should at least glimpse some seriously stylish shower tile. It's channelling a fancy paillette gown. Honest.


  1. Very miserable. A couple of summers ago I stripped wallpaper from my dining room walls and hired a painting company to paint. I was super careful to wash and wash and wash the walls so that the pricey painters (who billed by the hour) would only have to paint. I was horrified to learn that they had added three hours of (necessary?) wall-washing time to my project.

    Keep your chin up; your home will be yours again soon.

  2. Oooh, that's a bitch Miss C. Given the narrowness of my place (you know it's a downtown "working class" Victorian), there have been a lot of dings to my hallway walls (and dirt and plaster cracks etc.) Admittedly some of the plaster fissures predated the bathroom reno. But the reno didn't help...

    The contractors have been amazing though, and they're going to fix it all and repaint (not part of the original quote) before they leave. And, as I understand it, they're going to do it for free. I'll confirm that when I see the final bill...

    Thanks for your well-wishes. I'm sure you can relate.

  3. I really wanted to see before and after shots of the bathroom. Is it too late?

    I love the sound of the burgundy with cherry. Shades of one color go well together, I think.

  4. I'm sorry E, the before shots (which is to say the construction photos) never happened because I was either too sick (in daylight hours) or it was too dark (minus electricity in the room) during the evening. But I'm definitely going to post when it's all done. (That will be a couple of weeks because the custom cabinetry and shower glass are going to take a while to be made and installed).