Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Boutique Chez Vous

While stay-cationing, you may like to do a bit of shopping, non? Well, according to the pundits, the new chic locale is the old wardrobe. Like the one that stares you in the face from your cozy bed. Not as fun as Holt Renfrew, I agree. Though palatable - nay perhaps even exciting - under the following circumstances:

The closet organization has to rival that of the shelves at Marlowe. This is what will make your former purchases as enticing as new ones.

Those things you bought and then forgot about immediately (or wore a lot and then retired temporarily) must be clean and pristine. If the skirt you haven't worn in 3 seasons has a moth hole and 2 buttons missing, you're not exactly going to grab at it.

IMO, you should start the home shopathon with a list of all the things you're hoping to end up with - much as if you were out for a regular retail experience. If you're looking for a cool body suit / fitted T / pair of denim shorts, that's what you need (desire). How cool to want it - as you did at some past moment when you actually procured it - and then find it (already folded and colour coded on the bottom shelf) for free?

Don't kid yourself. You bought these things at one point because you loved or needed or wanted them. As such, you'll likely feel the same way again if you give the garment half a chance. And, if you look at it (that thing you lost at the back of the closet days/weeks/months/years ago) for more than 10 minutes and get an itchy "yuck" sensation, please toss it. I mean recycle it. Because it probably isn't ever going to flip your switch but it might just be perfect vintage to someone else...


  1. I need to do this again. I have things I raise my eyebrows over all the time, and I haven't tried them on in months.

  2. You, of all people, should be shopping in the wardrobe, E. It's like the natural adjunct of SINCBM, non?