Monday, July 14, 2008

Hanging at HQ

So, let's start at the beginnning (sort of) with our fabulous walk to Headquarters Galerie+Boutique, through old Montreal, over to St. Catherine (which they close a massive part of for the summer to encourage street traffic!) and then up Amherst. This unassuming storefront contains some lovely treasures - and delightful people!

Meet Judy and Amanda, graphic and fashion designers respectively (by day) and sales associates extraordinaire on the occasional weekend whilst their friends Angie and Tyson, co-owners of HQ, are busy out of the store:

HQ is a gallery (downstairs) and a boutique (upstairs) with an emphasis on local talent (Angie's own line is called Norwegian Wood) and eclectic vintage accessories. It's also the place where I got these shoes lo those many weeks ago!

Check them out, along with my gorgeous new painted brass shell necklace ($15.00) and my new Tshirt ($46.00). I realize that's pricey but it has cool flowers stencilled on it!

And, in the spirit of posting photos of myself that really aren't shit-hot, in the interests of showing off the clothes like, right this minute, here's a shot of my new, linen paper bag skirt (Haiku, $90.00), the delicate lines of which are not adequately conveyed, I fear. Don't worry, you'll be seeing this one (when I have a chance to pair it with the right shirt etc.) many times again. I love buying brands I haven't seen before, esp. when they are the grassroots creative output of Canadian designers!


  1. Man, I love cool little boutiques featuring indie local designers. DC doesn't have quite enough of them!

  2. It's brilliant that you can support Canadian designers! The girls look very sweet! I love the skirt, and the t-shirt. I can't wait to see more!

  3. I hope you've posed like that in every store. Bring it on! I need to know where to shop so I don't turn up to your BBQ empty handed.

  4. Love the linen skirt, t, and necklace! How I miss the Montreal shops . . .

  5. E8: I know. Small boutique shopping is a joy. Fortunately you are close to NY!

    Thanks, E. I think it's brilliant I can support the industry too. (Just my small way of bolstering the economy :-))

    Thanks StyleRaven. Love your new bag.

    Don't worry, IM. I'll try to keep pulling out the campy vanity shots! Maybe I'll do a list of shops so you can be sure to bring me a "house gift"!

    Thanks Miss C. I really love the necklace. I think, on balance, it's my fave purchase of the weekend. Not that I don't love all the others like my babies!

  6. You wear t-shirts so well! (I am envious.) I don't think you overpaid at all; the shirt is very flattering.

    I'm a bit afraid of that skirt, but only as respects my own lower torso. I will live vicariously and watch for its reappearance.

    What does one wear with it? This brings up the conundrum posed by certain fashion items that seem not to work with anything you have in your closet or imagination(you purchase anyway, bien sur!). Wouldn't it be fun to ask readers to submit a photo of such an item and how they found a solution?

  7. Gallery and boutique into 1? How brilliant! Why can't I find something like that here! Your pictures are great and it seems I've gone in the shop! Thank you, my dear xxxx

  8. I actually like your paper bag skirt. It reminds me of hot summer days :)

  9. yes, i agree the necklace was the steal of the day!!!
    i'm not sure why we are all so worried about what to wear with the skirt. i still think it looked great with the new tee.

    Glad you had fun at HQ. you and your very charming family were by far our coolest clients of the day!!!

    our new favorite quote is:
    "it would be a steal at twice the price!"

  10. Suzanna: Thanks so much. I'm always very careful buying Ts because, with the boobs, it's challenging to seem svelte if the cut isn't just right. I love your idea about getting people to write about a challenging piece of clothing and how they made it work. You totally have to write a post on that!

    TOG: If you feel like you've been there, then I've done my job! It's a great concept, boutique and galerie, I agree...

    Thanks Molly. It will be very cool on the hot days.

    Amanda: So thrilled to see you saw the post! Thanks again (to you and Judy) for being such fun helpers in the shopping experience. I want you to know I've worn the necklace every day since I bought it, and with every kind of outfit imaginable. I LOVE it. Hopefully we'll meet again the next time I'm in town. K

  11. Great finds!
    I love the tee and the skirt.