Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Face of Genius

There's no more accurate way to describe M. St. Laurent. The man was a visionary.

I was struck with melancholy-tinged pleasure as I wandered from piece to amazing piece (the Mondrians, the Picassos, the Russian collection, Nan Kempner's burgundy wool jumpsuit in size minus 2, extra tall). As other bloggers have mentioned, it's not a vast show. But there's not an inch of wasted space.

My daughter particularly enjoyed an embellished, beaded wedding garment with the writing "Say You'll Love Me Forever".

I got two photos before the security person advised that it was "illegal" to snap shots. Fair enough. Here they are for your viewing pleasure.*

*Honestly, they don't do justice to the detail up close...


  1. Hey I didn't know you were in Montreal! I'm glad you're enjoying the city and the shopping! :)

    The YSL exhibit is really something isn't it? I'm guessing since you know your way around the city I don't need to point out anything!

    Have fun!

  2. What a shame you couldn't get more photos, these are great. I wouldn't want to hear you'd been arrested or anything, but that would make quite a post!

  3. I felt a similar way admiring a Chanel sequined pant suit in our Art Deco exhibition. Once again photos were not allowed, but at least they sell a reasonably priced and comprehensive book of the show. Thanks for giving us a little peek.

  4. They're good enough for me! I would have been happy with anything, really. Thanks for sharing!

  5. So beautiful!! I'm loving the hat in the bottom photo.

  6. Dahlia - It was a whirlwind visit, I'm long since home again (regrettably!). The exhibit rocked my world. I'm always happy to have uber-shopper Montrealers make suggestions of places to visit. Please email me a list if you have the time. I will definitely check out your suggestions the next time I visit. Thanks!

    I know, Miss White. My kid was scandalized by the dressing down (no pun intended!)

    SKM: The book of this show was not reasonably priced, unfortunately. I know you particularly would LOVE this exhibit. Maybe it will travel to AUS?

    Happy to share, E.

    That hat was so perfect in real life, Miss C. It took all my willpower not to start mauling the fabric. I desperately wanted to see how it all felt.

  7. IM: I really do also. Honestly, it was like going to church...