Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Here's the Haiku skirt I got in Mtl, as worn to work in the heatwave last week:

Seriously, I haven't taken off that painted shell necklace since I bought it. I wish I could figure out its vintage. I did email HQ but I haven't heard anything back so if anyone has any ideas, pls let me know.

Oh and, PS, I realize that the garden looks like shite here. It's because the part we haven't yet landscaped (the weed farm behind the tree) is taking over. If ever I could remember to turn myself around, prior to taking a photo, you'd see the pretty - which is to say orderly - view.

However, having recently read a post on Susie's blog, in which she cheerfully admitted to posting less than flawless images in the interests of showcasing the fashion object at hand - you know, the thing you care about - I'm working on becoming less uptight compulsive perfectionist.

PPS The alter ego who can't bear to read home decor magazines because they so starkly highlight her many shortfalls, is hoping you won't think less of me.


  1. I love home decor magazines but view them as strictly fantasy, while fashion is aspirational. There's a famous (female) decorator who cruelly said (and I liberally paraphrase) that women who don't keep their homes immaculate are letting down their family or are full of self-loathing or something awful like that. I've aspired to have a genially messy house ever since. (But clean, of course!)

  2. I'm so glad the weather has cooled off a bit here. I like the outfit -- you're looking good!

  3. Everybody loves you!

    Home decor magazines are capable of making anyone—even those with exquisite taste and bottomless bank accounts—feel inadequate.

  4. Great skirt. I think your garden looks nice, the shadows that fall on you are quite lovely.

  5. Great skirt and I think the garden looks good - at least you have a garden! No I don't live in a design porn home, just a transitional, rental apartment for now. But, one day I hope to have old-super-loving home. I post inspiration for others and myself.

  6. I'm still loving the skirt. And the whole look.

    That garden does not look like shite. It's a lot better than the unkempt crap I see around my neighborhood.

  7. Thanks Honeymoon!

    Miss C: You totally have the right idea. I'm trying to develop a more healthy attitude...

    Thanks, Y. It's nice to have the chance to wear the warmer - and then - cooler weather looks.

    IM and E: Thank you for your support! It makes it easier to be an insecure nutcase with friends like you...

    Clothes Horse: The interesting lighting reminded me of the kind of thing you might do in your photo shoots. THanks for noticing.

    Please Sir: You've got me all hooked on a whole new genre of blog. Not only am I loving your site, that Decorn is really something. Glad to know you've found a way to live so aspirationally - and inspirationally!

    Thanks StyleRaven. I'm really enjoying that skirt. You should go over to HQ and buy one!

  8. Oh what a nice look :)...

  9. Thanks Nadine. No doubt you could whip up a skirt like this in an hour!

  10. Ack! So sorry for not writing you back sooner, I was away on a roadtrip (thus the lovely assistants at the shop) and have been trying, trying, trying to catch up on everything in the last week since I got back. To give you a bit of the provenance of the necklace, it is in fact vintage, dead-stock to be precise (ie. never worn) But to me the charm in this piece comes from the amazing place I found it. The location is of course a secret, but the elderly gentleman who owns the store speaks very little english, and I speak very little french, but we manage to get along wonderfully somehow and he pulls special things out of his back storage for me. This lovely necklace was one of those things. I'm estimating it's from the late 70's. So I hope that helps! And the skirt looks fab by the way too, love it in the garden!


  11. Angie: Thanks for this great response. I love to hear the backstory of my treasures! And that necklace is really special. It feels great around my neck. And I loved hearing more about the Tshirt I bought at HQ when I got th necklace. I'm really enjoying that also. All of my HQ purchase are really delightful. Can't wait to come back and visit you again...