Monday, July 21, 2008

Change is Good

Have you heard of the Scandi swimwear and lounge/lingerie line Change? As far as I can tell, they don't have stores in the US but they're well-represented in Canada and Europe.

The lingerie, while it spans A - J cup territory, has never really worked for me. The back sizes are just too big (even at a 30) and the cup sizes are cut, if not small, then strangely. Let's just say this brand is for a different body type than mine. Nonetheless, I think they make some very functional and pretty things (if a bit fussy) that probably work really well for women who aren't stick thin and, as a result, don't have the smallest chests in the world (this in contrast to small women who have narrow frames and large boobs).

You know about my manifesto to beautify the shape of tits the world over, one well-fitted bra at a time. And the Change philosophy really is about selling women underwear that fits (as a result they don't sell online). So I'm down with it, even if I'm not going to buy. Oh, and did I mention that you can get a bra for less than $100.00. For a well-constructed, attractive bra in a larger size, that's fairly impressive.

Check out a couple of pretty looks (couldn't download the more interesting pics, so you're stuck with their "basics" unless you check out the actual site)...

Now, the swimwear line is a whole different story...

You know bras and bikini tops are similar, but different, beasts. What I really appreciate about Change's swim line is that it actually sizes the bikini tops with standard bra measurements and those sizes go from teeny to ample. The tops, as it happens, seem more suited to my shape than the bras. Maybe it's the way the fabric stretches, maybe it's that the bikinis are just better cut for me? They seem to work well for women with boobs that tend to spill out from the top (rather than bottom heavy breasts). Now that I think about it, they probably work quite well with fake tits.

Perhaps you know the general rule that you should go up a back size in bathing suits. It's this fact, I imagine, that makes the bikini tops actually fit me snugly (but not bulge-y tight) where the bra bands are just too big. Change has created numerous styles (see here) to accomodate women of many different breast shapes and coverage needs. They're bottoms are really generous and tops often come with a choice of skimpier and fuller bottoms from which to choose.

I tried, and really liked, the blue halter, #10 in the Flash slideshow. It gave great lift and a very sculptured line. And, it's on sale for 50% off! (BTW, tops and bottoms are sold separately...) I didn't buy it because, quite honestly, I rarely wear swimsuits and yet have managed to purchase 2 this summer already. And, while I'm warming up to the bikini - if Helen can do it, so can I! - I think I should get used to the one I just bought, first. Oh, and the suit above fits really snugly in the top. So it was practically pornographic. It's more a look for St. Tropez than Christie Pits Public Pool, if you know what I mean.

If anyone has bought from Change, do let us know what you think...


  1. These look comfy with a bit of sexy - might have to check these out - thanks!

  2. It sounds like you have found a gem of a line. I'm happy for you! I never have problems fitting into bikini tops if they're triangles, because I'm small. I don't go near any other style, as I can't hold them up.

  3. They look like they are really good. Although I prefer more fun designs.
    I think my bust would be too small for these styles.

  4. That places sounds so nice. Why is it that you can get bras with decent coverage in most sizes, but swimsuits are usually only one layer and minimal support at most places? Do larger chested women not swim?

  5. You should check it out, PS!

    E: You and your fellow skinny-minis so have the advantage with the swimwear. Ah, to be able to get away with 2 triangles!

    Coco: They have all sizes (though the website really focuses on the larger ones) so you could totally do a cute suit adapted for a smaller bust size...

    Clothes Horse: You are preaching to the converted! If I had the budget and the talent, I would so create a line of lingerie and swimwear to make women of all shapes look fantastic. It makes such a difference to be in clothing that fits. And we're not all 32Bs!

  6. a j cup!!! I had no idea bras went up to a j...what's after a j (or don't I want to know)???

  7. You know, I don't know what's after a J. Maybe custom lingerie? But J is pretty all-encompassing...