Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fringe Benefits

My great friend Martha (Flip Hair Design, Scollard Street), also my hairdresser extraordinaire for 20 years (not typo), on learning about Enc's indecisiveness re: getting bangs, gave me the best line:

Bangs are a French woman's botox.

HILARIOUS! Not only is it true that bangs are cute and a la mode, they hide any lines that years of expressive communication have wrought.

Now, due to her amazing skin-care regimen, healthy lifestyle and good genes, Ms. E doesn't have a wrinkle to her name (not that I malign wrinkles, mind you. Nonetheless, bangs are an amusing distraction in these crazy times.

So, in the spirit of bringing her into the fold, here's a glimpse of my haircut experience today.

We went from muffin head to close cropped in the blink of an eye (full of fine, itchy hairs!).

This shot manages to look a) horrible and b) nothing like me (cuz I'm gorgeous, ok?). It's simply a vehicle for showing the hideously long bangs:

Here we are after the haircut but before the colour. The fringe is shorter than ever - but that's the kind of haircut risk-taker I am :-). Gotta love me in that robe!:

And, finalement, here's the finished product:

FYI, it is seriously difficult to take a photo of yourself using a cell phone camera without cutting off half of your face and forehead.


  1. Looks great! Yeah, not sure on getting the best cell phone pics!

  2. i am thinking about bang too but have to refrain myself from trying to cut it by myself! bangs are great for gals with high forehead. Love your hair cut!

  3. liking the bangs, and would like to suggest that having such an adorable face-framing cut is an excellent excuse for a little bit of eye make-up. nothing fancy, even... just a little lining (which I like to do with shadow and an angled brush) and a lick of mascara....

    especially like the close-to-the-head look of the pre-colour shot... nice that you have a little flexibility for styling even with so little hair!


  4. Merci Wendy!

    Please Sir: It's impossible not to look wall-eyed, seriously!

    Savvy Gal: My daughter (8 years old) tried that a couple of months ago and it was sheer disaster. Of course, she was cutting her bangs off - because she didn't want them anymore!

    S: Adorable, face-framing cut. Love that. And I hear you. A little eye makeup would not go amiss. Actually, perhaps crazily, in these shots I was not wearing any makeup (save lipstick, which no sane woman can be without). I'm going to get mascara at lunch.

  5. Hey thanks for the plug. It was fun on Saturday as usual. Sorry I was in such a rush. One of the girls at work has a new cell phone that is very similar to yours, except it has a little tiny convex mirror beside the lens so you can take an accurate picture of yourself. Handy eh? They should all have that especailly in this day of picture postings.

  6. That is really cute! What you said is so funny, but sounds very true!

  7. You know, I've gotta love this whole post, robe and all! I LOVE this cut on you—it's very flattering. I love the weight in front and the lack of weight at the sides.

  8. Meeeeooow! What a great style. I look like a major dope in bangs, but you're really workin' 'em.

  9. Marth - That is genius. Why doesn't my fancy new phone have one of those??

    Thanks, TOG!

    E: These bangs could be yours :-) Is my blogger hypnotism working yet?

    Sal: You have beautiful curly hair. It's rare that thick curls suit bangs. But I wouldn't mind trading places for a while!

  10. Great haircut!
    I envy your 20-year relationship, as I've never been loyal to any hairdresser. I find a new one, go a few times, only to cheat on them with someone else, hoping for a better cut.

  11. I'm digging the haircut.

  12. Thanks J: I am one of those crazy long-term monogamous people, for sure! But a little affair can add so much spice to your life :-)

    Thanks Y...

  13. I love your hair :).

  14. Love the shorter bangs. One of my worries about going short is the maintenance. I'm lucky to get to a salon pre semester, once mid-semester, and at Christmas. But short is so appealing right now. Keep rocking the locks!

  15. Nadine: You'rs is so gorgeous, you can't cut it!

    Miss C: Can't tell you how curious I am to see a picture of your hair (and the rest of you) :-) I hear you about upkeep. You might notice my hair goes super muffin just before I get it cut. That takes about 8 weeks. But you might, depending on how you cut it, get 10 - 12 weeks out of the style. If you do it, we want to hear all about it...