Friday, July 18, 2008

All Hands on Dex

Y'all heard of the Canadian brand Dex? It's a street-style line from Montreal catering to (just discovered from the website) the 18 - 24 demographic. Strange how I own many of their things... In truth, they have a transition line called Nylon which caters to the aging segment of our population (those from 24 - 40), but I've never actually come across it.

At any rate, Dex has one store (that I've been able to find), on St. Laurent north of Sherbrooke, in a block with zillions of appealing shops like Space FB and Lola and Emilie and U&I. (There's also quite a lot of crap on this lively block, for what it's worth. Oh, and Schwartz's Deli. I hate smoked meat but if you're into it, apparently there's nothing like it anywhere else in the world. Not even NY... I've never walked past that place in 20 year's worth of visits without seeing a lineup out the door.)

I always stop into the Dex store in search of a well-priced gem of the "unwrinkleable at the bottom of the handbag" variety. It's a discount location of sorts, meaning that everything seems always to be on sale for 50% off the tag price (at least every time I've been there it has been).

Here's a great little dress I got for $40.00 (originally $80.00):

Isn't the drop-waist cute? Don't you like the creamy, off-white shade (so much easier to wear than stark white)? And who doesn't love a zip front dress?? (Talk about ease-of-access!) Yesterday I wore this with a yellow cardi and the red gladiators and I felt so modern, so street. Of course, I'm a woman who italicizes the word street, so perhaps you oughta take it with a grain of salt...


  1. Very fun! And I heart your punny title . . .

  2. Love it! It's part Jetsons, part Wimbledon, and tres chic. I'd wear that in a second, and the sandals as well. I'd need the sandals because otherwise I'd trip trying to wear it with heels.

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  4. Thanks Miss C!

    Suzanna: You put it perfectly - Jetsons meets tennis! I think it works best with flats, not only because they're comfortable but because it works with the proportions.

    Hey Apt909: Who's actually writing? Is it Ria or Dai? At any rate, just checked out the blog and the photos are beautiful. I left you a little message... K

    Merci Wendy. I think it's going to be one of those things that gets a lot of rotation...

  5. It is superb! I love the red sandals with it.

  6. i love how u wore the playsuit with gladiator sandals, tre chic woman! x

  7. Thanks E and Cordelia! I really enjoy those red shoes. Who would have thought they'd have been so versatile! And comfortable!!