Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Strange How it Doesn't Look Like It's Pouring...

Here's my daughter enjoying a sculpture outside the Musee de Beaux Arts:

This was taken just before we went inside to see the YSL exhibit...


  1. That girl is GORGEOUS.

    You have done well.

  2. oh that's so sweet!

    i don't like the myth. but is it wrong that it makes me think of europa and the bull?

    invisible rain! (creepy!) maybe it was vampiric.

  3. ohhh she's super cute. if you ever get over (like when she hits 12) her I know people who know people and she'd get you 'top dollar' - if you catch my drift.xx

  4. So cute! I see she's wearing her Wall-E watch.

  5. Enc: She gets it from me :-)

    MW: The imagination is never wrong. I'm telling you it was a sheet of rain. I don't know how it looks so dry.

    IM: I assume you mean as a shoe designer...

    IHeart: You are such a mom! Yes, even though she was traumatized, swag is swag...